18 March 2013

my week according to Instagram

my week according to Instagram

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Got excited over the release of the FIRST R18+ game in Australia. For all those in other countries, Australia has never had 18+ games... which means that the games were edited down to get a 15+ rating, or banned! Now finally after years of waiting and signing petitions... AUSTRALIA has 18+ rating for video games!

Derpy face me!

Getting all OCD over tablets not matching the right way in the Panadol packages!

Mango Macaroons from McDonalds! I hate Mango, but they were the only ones left. But dispite the mango flavour... they were delicious!

Simcity guide book. Since I can't play Simcity yet, I will get my fix by reading all the info and watching ALL the youtube videos!

Chocolate Macaroons from McDonalds. This was super YUMMY! I actually walk into McDonalds to order my food now, just so I can see if they have Macaroons!

Woolworths sell Mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. So tempted to cook Chocolate Cupcakes and stick a Peanut Butter Cup inside them! YUMMMY!

Midnight DIY Geometric Stag. I was bored at midnight, so I drew on my bag. This is the result! Looks pretty snazzy!

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Hope everyone is having a great day/week.
Leave a comment about what you did in the last week.

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  1. Didn't know that Australia was so strict with 18+ games. But glad they finally made these changes now :D

    I bought Simcity the other day but have router issues so I can't play it right now ;-;

    1. yeah, Australia has been really strict with R rated games and DVDs for that matter. There is still a state in Australia, where 18+ R rated DVDs (like Game of Thrones and True Blood etc.) can't be sold in department stores (like Target etc) and have to in plain cases and stuff. Luckily I don't live in that state :D