07 March 2013


The new Simcity is out and I am so excited to play it...
...except for all the issues they're having.
Some people have to wait 50minutes to play in SINGLE-PLAYER because in order to play it SINGLE-PLAYER you have to connect to one of EAs servers. Which means in order to play the new Simcity, you have to have ALWAYS ON internet.
Which is probably fine for people who have access to broadband all the time, but for me, it's going to be an issue.
Also, the Mac version is not out yet, and there is not actual release date, just "Spring 2013" which is anytime between now and June, plus it will be download only. So I've decided to spend $150 to by Windows 7 so I can install it on my Mac, so I can have both OSX and Windows on my computer, in order to play Simcity, but that also means I'll be able to play other games as well.

I'm hoping that by the time I have Simcity that all the server issues will be fixed. If I could have anything it would be a patch so that you don't need to be connected to the internet to play single-player. That would be amazing, but probably won't happen.

Until then I will just continue watching youtube vids of other people playing it and stay tuned into the news. It's hilarious watching everyone be angry that it doesn't work. I hope EA are shitting themselves, but they most like don't give a shit what we think.


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