10 March 2013

Tattoo Talk... again!

The reason why I don't have any tattoos yet is because I don't know what I want.
I'm so indecisive!
Also because most of the designs I want, I want on my forearm... and well, I only have 2 forearms!
I have so many awesome ideas. Those are only a few of them!
Then, my stupid brain, that hasn't learnt how to be a free thinker yet, is worried about what "society" will think. Especially since I'm studying childcare! But it's so stupid, because so many parents have tattoos, so why can't the childcare educators?!

The first assignment from the How to be a Fat Bitch e-course is about acceptance. About being yourself and not worrying about labels. Especially the "fat" label. About doing things that make you happy! I added "Make a tattoo appointment", and I really want to make it! But I don't want to make it when I'm unprepared!

I'm not seeking any approval on tattoo designs. This is my way of making decisions :D talking through it :D

Anyway, enough chatter :D

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