28 March 2013

Things I Love Thursday

♥ Emmy's Vlog of awesome. Subscribe to her YouTube channel HERE.

♥ I ordered 3 geek related necklaces. A Deathly Hallows, a Piece of Eight, and The One Ring. They only cost me $15 for all three, including shipping :)

Deathly Hallows

Piece of Eight

The One Ring!!

 I'm going to be rocking all the FANDOMS!!! I got them from CocoNecklace on Etsy.

♥ Finding out that Lord Voldemort aka Ralph Fiennes is the 9th cousin of Prince Charles! DUDE! Voldemort is like 150th in line to be King of England!!!

 <---- I don't think this man can get any cooler! He's Voldemort, Hades, had kids with River Song (Doctor Who) and now is actually related (by blood) to the Royal Family! Plus.... SPOILERS (he's the new M in James Bond) Seriously...!

♥ I have bootcamped my iMac. For non-tech people that means that I can now run OSX (Normal Apple Operating System ) and Windows on my iMac. So now I can play Simcity (which is AWESOME) and I'm currently downloading Don't Starve on Steam. I'm excited!

I really love the graphics. Indie games today aren't just games, they're artworks. Don't Starve, The Cave, they're all so beautiful. So much love has gone into them!

♥ Getting Mail! This week I got a textbook (woo!) called Staying Healthy in Childcare (it was free from the governement, so I'm not complaining) my ASOS order (will blog about it soon) and awesome presents from Emmy! (I did a post about it HERE)


Happy Thursday everyone.

Also have a happy Easter.


  1. I love your face! And all of these things always <3 you're so wonderful Molly!

  2. Ralph Fiennes doesn't have children...

    1. Omg you're right :( I'm such a noob! Should do some fact checking next time! Thanks anonymous stranger :)