26 April 2013

More awesome stuff.

I need hair like this!

Get Lucky by Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams
listen to it here.
I'm very excited about Daft Punks' new album.
Random Access Memories.
pre-order on iTunes now.

I'm currently at my mums and before she comes home I'm going to fill her kitchen with plants.
I have been collecting tin cans and tomorrow I'm going to Bunnings to buy some plants.
Hopefully she won't kill them.

I will try and post photos.

also, I re-activated my twitter.
after like 5 hours.
Facebook is still deactivated.


25 April 2013

Things I Love Thursday - New Film Edition

Lee Pace is in talks to play the villain in "The Guardians of the Galaxy" due out in 2014. Some articles speculate he will play Taneleer Tiven aka The Collector, but most have no clue who he will play. He auditioned for the role of Star Lord who is the main hero in the series, but lost the role to Chris Pratt. Lee Pace as a villain is perfectly fine by me :D

New Thor: The Dark World trailer. Featuring Christopher Eccleston as Malekith and of course... Loki and his awesome, yet slightly disturbing "prison hair"... Just watch....

I'm so excited for this movie! Seriously... Lokis' hair is amazing. Tumblr went CRAZY! It was hilarious!

Star Trek Into Darkness is only 2 weeks away! I can't believe it. It seems like only yesterday I was complaining about having to wait 3 years for it! There has been new posters released and I want them all. There is a full series of them. Here are the Bones (Karl Urban) and John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) ones.

Just looking at these makes me so freaking excited. The others, you can see HERE!

Also. This happened.
Karl Urban touching... skin to skin... it fills me with all sorts of fangirl feelings.
I hasn't really hit me that these two are in a film together!
And I'm sure there will be more touching!
As much as I love love love Benedict Cumberbatch
I just love Karl Urban soooooo much more!
People think I'm weird.
But it's fine if you don't like Karl Urban, means one less person I have to kill :P

Also. You may have missed it.
I deactivated my Facebook and twitter accounts.
It will probably not last long
but I'm going to try and see if I can go at least a week without them.
Social Media de-tox.

Have a great weekend.
Love you all.
Step One. Remove things from life that make you anxious.
Facebook - Deactivated
Twitter - Deactivated
If you need to contact me, email me, or leave a comment here.

22 April 2013

Naughty Spending Spree!

I pre-ordered these (look down NOW)

I'm so excited. They're available in June from Tokyo Underground in Perth. I also just did something really naughty and spent $250 of my PAX fund on this....


I've been having so much fun on IGGPPC.
I've started a group blog with some awesome geek girls.
It's called Hogwarts Diaries.
We are students in a Muggle Studies class and we have to blog like Muggles.

I've Evan by the way :D

Short post today.

Love you all!

18 April 2013

Things I Love Thursday

the official partners of Yogscast Zoey, Rythian and Nilesy. 
I want all the merch! I especially wanted the signed Rythian art print!
It's freaking amazing! And it was of £30 with free shipping. 
But there was only 50 and they sold out :(

Somewhere where no one will judge you.

There are so many good movies out this year.
Including STAR TREK! Ironman 3, Elysium, Oblivion plus a million more, including this.....
Never been a big fan of Superman
but I'm a huge huge fan of Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan.
This movie will be amazeballs.
I hope this means they will start to develop the DC comic world into films.

Super excited about International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club
I've been planning awesome letter ideas
and looking at awesome stationery
I've also joined a few blogs and other communities including a Harry Potter role-play
I've never done role-playing online before.
I'm not sure how it works etc.
But it should be fun :D


15 April 2013

Pen Pal Supplies

In preparation for awesome pen pal madness, I've been looking for different letter writing materials and fun things to send.
I've decided to write a list of Fantastic Pen Pal Supply Finds!

A collection of beautiful writing paper, wrapping paper and journals.

Ultra geeky cards and stickers.

Pretty writing sets, stickers and random knick knacks.

There's also the basic
You can get awesome pens and note books and other pretty stationery items.

is awesome for awesome geek stickers to send to your pen pal

Rikyandnina on Etsy
Ribbons and stickers and tags.

Hope you enjoyed this.
I'm going to order some awesome loot.
I'm going to be the best geek girl pen pal EVER :)

I'm a Survivor

I survived camping!
I bed was uncomfortable.
So I used 2 matresses.

There was heaps of Rhino Beetles all over the place
And I saw heaps of different birds!
And I did send some time with kids
But mostly I was cleaning.

Came home.
Slept in my bed.
The I woke up with a sore back... again :(
So I had to miss another day of Prac.
Which stresses me out even more!

I did mange to get some TAFE stuff done today.
I made a hygiene poster about washing hands.

I'm rewatching Yogscasts' Shadow of Israphel.
I usually do this when I'm in a down mood.
Which I am :(

While camping I got to hang out with my cousins Logan and Seth.
Which was so much fun!

I also watched Paranorman
Which was AWESOME!
It was the movie that was competing with Frankenweenie.
And as much as I love Tim Burton.
Paranorman was so much better than Frankenweenie!

Anyway, off to do more TAFE work.

Round 3 opens at 9PM Australian Eastern Standard Time
Places will fill quick.
But you can still join the site and be involved in the forums.

11 April 2013

IGGPPC, Cakes & Book Rewards

I've joined the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club.
You sign up to become a member of the forum and get sorted into a house
HOUSE GLADOS for the win!

Then when the time is right.... 
April 15 you sign up and you get given a pen pal!
A real life, snail mail pen pal! 
I'm so excited. 
This will be Round 3. 
Round 1 & 2 filled up really fast and I missed out 
so this time to guarantee a spot I donated $5 to IGGPPC :D

This weekend I'm going camping.
I mentioned it before.
But I didn't mention that it's with Kids Central
And I'll actually be helping supervise 20, 8-12 year olds.
They're doing an overnight bike ride.
I'm not riding, but I am transporting dinner to them on Saturday
Then staying overnight.
Right at the moment I'm baking dessert.
2 HUGE cakes.
One Apple and Custard Cake
and one Pineapple and Coconut Cake.
I hope they like them.


I should really figure out my geek girl obsessions
Doctor Who
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit
Star Wars
Adventure Time
Douglas Adams

of course there's more :D

Seriously I'm really confused.
So the aforementioned Coconut Cake Recipe is:

1 cup Self Raising Flour
1 cup of Sugar
1 Cup of Coconut
3/4 Cup of Milk
Mix together and bake in 180c for 30 minutes!

I've always been told that a cake will not work unless there is egg in it
So how does the coconut cake work without eggs!!
I don't know how...
but it works!

Bought this book today.
Haven't looked at it yet.
Using it as a reward for finishing all my work today!
Almost done!
Just need to wrap up the cakes and put them in the freezer :D

I'm off for now.
Stay Awesome :D

08 April 2013

stuff and children's books!

What a day!
The children must of all been given crazy pills today!

It didn't help that it was hot and we had tree loppers there cutting down trees.
The children loved watching the man in the cherry picker cutting the branches.
cheap and easy entertainment.

I'm going camping on the weekend.
Something I haven't done in who knows how long (because I don't)
It's not tent camping, it's cabin camping.
And there will be a power point in the cabin
so I'm not going off the grid.
And knowing my luck,
the internet will have better reception out there, than it does here!

Didn't gym today :D
But considering I spent the whole day chasing children around
I think I'll be okay.
Also lost 1.1kg this week.
I have decided that I'm probably not going to vlog again anytime soon.
It's not my thing.

I tried to sign up for a cake decorating class but the lecturer hurt her hand.
So I don't think it's running anymore.
Which makes me sad, because I was looking forward to it. :(

Why are children's books so expensive?
I found some awesome books I want to add to my collection...
like this one...
I was able to have a look through it, and there's a "Geek Dad"
and he has posters of nebulas, geek glasses and a Dalek figure.
It's awesome!

I also want ALL the books by Oliver Jeffers
He's an author and an illustrator.
But most importantly an illustrator.
His art is amazing.
It's whimsical and quirky and oh so pretty!
Plus, he's not bad on the eyes either.

I have one of his books.
How To Catch a Star.
As part of my childcare course we need to make a puppet
So I'm going to make a "Boy" puppet.
Nice and simple.
Should work well.

Anyway, that's me for the evening.
Love you all.

Molly xox

07 April 2013

untitled :D

Gym today.
Only managed 20 minutes before i died.
20 minutes is better than NOTHING!
It was so busy there today!
All the treadmills where full.

I watched Cloud Atlas.
Everyone was saying it was too hard to follow.
I didn't have any trouble.
I did have to google the timeline at the beginning.
But that was because all the subtitles and information where in Russian.

Motivation is being a bitch.
Like always.
I bet you're all getting sick of listening to me whinge :D
I'm going to be more positive.

I'm going to try and make my tattoo appointment this week.
I'm going to try and make it on May 22.
It's an important day in the Douglas Adams calendar.
It's Towel Day.
google it :D

Short post today :D
Love you all!!!

04 April 2013

Things I Love Thursday (not really :D)

Ben Whishaw playing Q in Skyfall
When he said;
"I can do more damage on my laptop, sitting in my pajamas, before my first cup of Earl Grey than you can do a year in the field."
My first thought was "I'd like to see you in your pajamas."
Then I had slashy fangirly thoughts.
Skyfall was pretty much one huge slash fest.

And when (SLIGHT SPOILERS) Silva started hitting on Bond....
all the fangirl feels!

I joined the gym.
Haven't gone yet.
Might go after work tomorrow night.
I'm a little nervous.
I need someone to explain gym etiquette to me.

Feeling confident today.
Better than the last 2 days.
I really need to be busy or my mind starts to wander.
time off work and tafe, as much as I love it... is probably a bad idea.

I'm getting really into planning my Pilgrimage.
There was a period where I was really into it.
Then it stopped.
But now it's back.
I'm thinking of getting "Camino" tattooed on my arm
so it would be a constant reminder.
Camino means Path in Spanish (I think... Spanish friends please correct me if I'm wrong)
I was thinking of getting "Camino Correcto" which is "Right Path"
I need to find some Spanish sayings that have "Camino" in them.
For all those wondering, the pilgrimage is called Camino de Santiago
or The Way of Saint James.
That's why I joined the gym.

This isn't much of a Things I Love Thursday.
Let me know what you love.
Inspire me.
Awesome Sweaters
Funny online comics
Polyvore Sets.

03 April 2013

Gym Bunny

No Vlog today.
I'm not feeling very confident at the moment.
I can't, "just vlog" I need to prepare myself.

I did, however, do something quite scary.
I joined the gym.
I know, I know, it's just a gym.
My last gym experience was BAD with a capital BAD!
I went for a month, felt so uncomfortable so I stopped going.
But still continued to pay.
Then when the payment plan ended.
The gym rang me and asked me to renew.
I told them I hadn't been to the gym in 11 months.
They asked why, I said because they didn't care.

I joined a new gym. It opens on Friday.
It's a Snap Fitness gym and it's 24 hours.
So I'll be exercising at midnight probably.
Like right now! If it was open I would be going.
The owner dude person (I don't think he's the owner)
had been "bugging" me to join.
He's one of those gym types etc.
But was nice and honest.
I could sense that he's a genuine person.

So gym.
I really want an iPod nano.
Not that I need one because I have an iPhone.
But the battery is really bad.
At least with a Nano I don't need to worry about wasting my phone battery.
So I might make it a goal.
I have the money to buy one.
But instead, I'm going to make it a reward.
If I go to the gym for 10 hours I will buy myself an iPod Nano.

I don't really know what to do with myself.
I'm feeling a little less anxious than yesterday
but I'm still feeling a little "lost"
it's a weird feeling.

Love you lots.


02 April 2013

where the magic happens!

It's Tuesday.
The last day of my 3 day weekend.
What have I achieved?
Absolutely nothing.

Well I have managed to watch all of "Pillars of the Earth"
which was excellent.
and I have sort of tidied my room.

I did vlog again!
I weighed myself on camera.
I keep getting told that I'm brave.
I'm not brave.
It's a number... a number that can be changed.
It may involve a lot of hard work to change it.
But I will change it.

I've been playing video games.
Don't Strave.
The Cave.
Just general time wasting.

I haven't done any of the homework I was suppose to do.
Which sucks.
I procrastinate so fucking much.
Then I make up excuses for why I haven't done it.
Instead of just saying.
I was too lazy, or more to the point, "just not in the mood"

People say anti-depressants fuck with your motivation.
I'm not motivated when I'm not on anti-depressants.
imagine me if I was.
I would probably just crawl up into a ball and melt away.

My doctor keeps trying to get me to go on anti-depressants.
But I don't want to.
She knows that, and respects my decision, so we have been brainstorming ways to help

Like baking. Baking makes me happy. 
e problem is, now I find it hard to bake when there are people in the house.
I'm worried that they will judge me. (because SHE always does)
Plus when you're trying to lose weight and cut down on sugar
baking cupcakes is probably not a good idea.

I'm becoming anxious.
I've never felt anxious much before.
My depression was just being sad.
But now I seem to have developed anxiety.
I haven't told anyone yet.
It's the stupidest thing.
Being anxious about little things that mean nothing.
Like driving, being too scared to drive somewhere
because you're afraid you'll crash.
Or that people in your class will find out you're not as super confident
and talkative as you are in class.
And being alone forever, or even worse,
actually being in a relationship!
I think that's scarier to me now, than being alone.
Which is weird.
But I know I need to get out of my comfort zone.
 Do crazy things.
Like vlog in public.
be in public in general.
get a tattoo.
go out and meet wonderful people.
do my homework so I can get my certificate and get a job in Perth and move to where all the awesome people are.
stand up for myself.
not worry about what people think of me.
be confident even at 143kg.

Wow! I do ramble on...
instead of doing homework.

bye-ee :)