15 April 2013

I'm a Survivor

I survived camping!
I bed was uncomfortable.
So I used 2 matresses.

There was heaps of Rhino Beetles all over the place
And I saw heaps of different birds!
And I did send some time with kids
But mostly I was cleaning.

Came home.
Slept in my bed.
The I woke up with a sore back... again :(
So I had to miss another day of Prac.
Which stresses me out even more!

I did mange to get some TAFE stuff done today.
I made a hygiene poster about washing hands.

I'm rewatching Yogscasts' Shadow of Israphel.
I usually do this when I'm in a down mood.
Which I am :(

While camping I got to hang out with my cousins Logan and Seth.
Which was so much fun!

I also watched Paranorman
Which was AWESOME!
It was the movie that was competing with Frankenweenie.
And as much as I love Tim Burton.
Paranorman was so much better than Frankenweenie!

Anyway, off to do more TAFE work.

Round 3 opens at 9PM Australian Eastern Standard Time
Places will fill quick.
But you can still join the site and be involved in the forums.

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