15 April 2013

Pen Pal Supplies

In preparation for awesome pen pal madness, I've been looking for different letter writing materials and fun things to send.
I've decided to write a list of Fantastic Pen Pal Supply Finds!

A collection of beautiful writing paper, wrapping paper and journals.

Ultra geeky cards and stickers.

Pretty writing sets, stickers and random knick knacks.

There's also the basic
You can get awesome pens and note books and other pretty stationery items.

is awesome for awesome geek stickers to send to your pen pal

Rikyandnina on Etsy
Ribbons and stickers and tags.

Hope you enjoyed this.
I'm going to order some awesome loot.
I'm going to be the best geek girl pen pal EVER :)


  1. eeee~ i wish we were in the same house then you'd get me! haha

    1. As much as I love your face I think it would be awesome to meet new awesome geek girls :)