08 April 2013

stuff and children's books!

What a day!
The children must of all been given crazy pills today!

It didn't help that it was hot and we had tree loppers there cutting down trees.
The children loved watching the man in the cherry picker cutting the branches.
cheap and easy entertainment.

I'm going camping on the weekend.
Something I haven't done in who knows how long (because I don't)
It's not tent camping, it's cabin camping.
And there will be a power point in the cabin
so I'm not going off the grid.
And knowing my luck,
the internet will have better reception out there, than it does here!

Didn't gym today :D
But considering I spent the whole day chasing children around
I think I'll be okay.
Also lost 1.1kg this week.
I have decided that I'm probably not going to vlog again anytime soon.
It's not my thing.

I tried to sign up for a cake decorating class but the lecturer hurt her hand.
So I don't think it's running anymore.
Which makes me sad, because I was looking forward to it. :(

Why are children's books so expensive?
I found some awesome books I want to add to my collection...
like this one...
I was able to have a look through it, and there's a "Geek Dad"
and he has posters of nebulas, geek glasses and a Dalek figure.
It's awesome!

I also want ALL the books by Oliver Jeffers
He's an author and an illustrator.
But most importantly an illustrator.
His art is amazing.
It's whimsical and quirky and oh so pretty!
Plus, he's not bad on the eyes either.

I have one of his books.
How To Catch a Star.
As part of my childcare course we need to make a puppet
So I'm going to make a "Boy" puppet.
Nice and simple.
Should work well.

Anyway, that's me for the evening.
Love you all.

Molly xox

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  1. Awesome hun! Love you lots xx Hope you have fun camping - I want to see all of the photos!