04 April 2013

Things I Love Thursday (not really :D)

Ben Whishaw playing Q in Skyfall
When he said;
"I can do more damage on my laptop, sitting in my pajamas, before my first cup of Earl Grey than you can do a year in the field."
My first thought was "I'd like to see you in your pajamas."
Then I had slashy fangirly thoughts.
Skyfall was pretty much one huge slash fest.

And when (SLIGHT SPOILERS) Silva started hitting on Bond....
all the fangirl feels!

I joined the gym.
Haven't gone yet.
Might go after work tomorrow night.
I'm a little nervous.
I need someone to explain gym etiquette to me.

Feeling confident today.
Better than the last 2 days.
I really need to be busy or my mind starts to wander.
time off work and tafe, as much as I love it... is probably a bad idea.

I'm getting really into planning my Pilgrimage.
There was a period where I was really into it.
Then it stopped.
But now it's back.
I'm thinking of getting "Camino" tattooed on my arm
so it would be a constant reminder.
Camino means Path in Spanish (I think... Spanish friends please correct me if I'm wrong)
I was thinking of getting "Camino Correcto" which is "Right Path"
I need to find some Spanish sayings that have "Camino" in them.
For all those wondering, the pilgrimage is called Camino de Santiago
or The Way of Saint James.
That's why I joined the gym.

This isn't much of a Things I Love Thursday.
Let me know what you love.
Inspire me.
Awesome Sweaters
Funny online comics
Polyvore Sets.


  1. Hi!! Yes, your translations are ok ;)

    About the sayings....there´s this famous poem by Antonio Machado who says:
    "Caminante no hay camino
    se hace camino al andar"


    That means: There´s no path but the one you make as you walk ^^ . The poem also talks about that path that you can only walk once, and when you look back there´s no path, only your footsteps.

    XX http://miramodernonosoybethditto.blogspot.com.es

    1. Thank you so much Marta! thats an amazing poem. It sounds so much better read in Spanish. Translations make is sound very strange. :D
      Buenas noches :D