20 May 2013

I'm Such A Bad Geek

I'm such a bad geek.

I've only watched the first episode of Series 7, Part 2 of Doctor Who.
(but seriously, I heard that John Hurt is involved and I'm so fucking excited!)
I haven't seen any of Season 3 of Game of Thrones yet.
I haven't seen Iron Man 3 yet :(
(even though I know stuff about it)

At least I've seen Star Trek Into Darkness

I'm hoping that I get mail this week.
In particular Star Trek 1-10 Movie Boxset on Blu-Ray & 
Season 1-3 of Original Star Trek series on Blu-Ray

And also Ludo.

I'm really enjoying Inferno by Dan Brown.
But it gives me a mega dose of Wanderlust.
It's set in Florence in Italy.
I don't know much about Florence, but I still want to go.

Today my Aunt & Uncle became grandparents.
My cousin and his partner had their baby.
A beautiful girl named
Lexi Marie
I can't wait to meet her.

Emma and I have decided to do a weekly "stay awesome" missions.
This week is our first week and the mission is:
"Imagine you don't have anxiety or any self-esteem issues and that you don't give a shit what anyone thinks of you or the way you look. What would you wear/look like... what would you do... what job would you have if you could be anything ever"
 Seems rather simple.
I don't know if I'll do a public post.
Depends on how I go :)

Anyway. Until next time.
Molly Skywalker

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