13 May 2013

Inferno by Dan Brown out tomorrow

Tomorrow Dan Brown releases his new book, Inferno.
It's the 4th in the series featuring Robert Langdon. 
The first one being Angels and Demons, then The Da Vinci Code and then The Lost Symbol.
I love his Robert Langdon books.
I love how much research he does and all the information you get. 
It's a fictional story full of real life things, events in history etc.
This one, as the title may suggest is based around Dante's Inferno an old book about the 7 levels of hell (and other things, but I have never read it)
The Australian cover (on the left) is so much nicer than the other.
I hope mine is the left one.
I pre-ordered it ages ago.
Hopefully I get a call tomorrow saying that it's in :D

I'm hoping it will inspire me to read again.
I hope I can get it finished.

I've been reading the Judge Dredd comics.
I have them on my iPad.
I also have the Star Trek comics set between the first (new) movie and Star Trek Into Darkness
plus the prequel to Star Trek Into Darkness.

Off to work.

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  1. I really want to read this but will wait until it comes out on paperback, because I'm a tightwad! x x

    Just me Leah