12 May 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness [SPOILERS]

This post contains spoilers.
If you haven't seen Star Trek Into Darkness, don't read... unless you don't care!
Then go ahead.

First off!

lots and lots of SPOILERS
I'm warning you!
Seriously, it's your own fault!

I fucking knew it!
I knew John Harrison was actually Khan!
It was the worst kept secret!
But it's amazing how when you tell people
They don't believe you.

Benedict Cumberbatch made the film
He was amazing.
He was evil, but not.
He was human (well super-human)
and he was only doing what he did to save his family.

People that I have talked to about the movie where confused about why Khan was in it and why Kirk didn't find him.
After Vulcan blew up in the first film, the Federation was wary about the universe and set people out to search, so Marcus found Khan and his family in cryo. He defrosted just Khan and convinced him to help him build a secret War ship and secret weapons.
When Khan found out what Marcus was up to he hit his family and attacked the Federation.
So Khan wasn't even the bad guy really. It whole movie was just Marcus trying to destroy Khan and his people and start a Human / Klingon war.

You get to see Cronus the Klingon home world and you see Klingons.
You also get to see a Tribble :D

The bit I loved the most was how they adapted The Wrath of Khan into this.
Instead of Spock dying trying to save The Enterprise, and Kirk screaming "KHHHAAANNNNN"
Kirk was the one that died! Yep! Kirk died! and Spock yelled "KKKHHHHAAAAANNNNNN"
But due to Khan's superhuman blood, they're able to bring Kirk back from the dead.

Mccoy (Karl Urban) is a grump though-out the film and I love it.
He's so protective of Kirk, like a big brother.
Scotty (Simon Pegg) is hilarious!
The relationship between Uhura and Spock is annoying! I don't like it! It was a good idea in the first film, but it's starting to get annoying.
Spock is still very Vulcan, his human-ness hasn't come out much yet.
Sulu gets to be captain of The Enterprise for a little while :D

The film was amazing.
Better than the first one!

Oh, and you remember in the trailer when the Enterprise crashed into San Francisco?
Yeah, that wasn't the Enterprise :O

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