27 May 2013


Dinner Party - I stole this idea from Leah @ Just Me, Leah <-- click there to see who she invited
Dinner party time - Who would you invite? What music is playing? What are you eating? Is there entertainment? Let your imagination go wild!
Karl Urban
Alan Rickman
Sir Richard Branson
Peter Jackson
David Tennant
Neil Gaiman
Michael Palin
Douglas Adams
Bear Grylls (just incase we get stranded!)
JJ Abrams
Joss Whedon
Tom Hiddleston
Benedict Cumberbatch
Harrison Ford
Billy Talent (band)
Sips & Sjin (youtubers)
George Lucas
Tim Minchin
Liam Neeson
Aiden Gillen
Domhnall Gleeson
Tim Burton
Prof Brian Cox
Dr Brian May
Alan Davies
Stephen Fry
Steven Spielberg

I could seriously go on. It's more of a party then Dinner. I've probably missed some pretty important people.... and they're all MEN!!!! Probably should invite some women...

Rebel Wilson
Dame Helen Mirren
Liv Tyler
Zooey Deschanel
Anne Hathaway
Emma :)

Seriously I suck at remembering women I love! LOL!


It would be oh so grand. :) I just love the idea of having an outdoor party. It probably wouldn't work that well in Australia in Spring or Summer because of the mozzies. But in Autumn when some of the trees are losing their leaves and it's cold, but still warm enough to be outside. (I would supply knitted blankets for people to wrap around themselves when it got colder, as well as a huge bonfire.

There would be a couple of Sofas and Rugs (yes outside) to sit on and cushions and blankets.

There would be telescopes set up and Prof. Cox would tell us about space, and Stephen Fry would be hilarious. Everyone would be relaxed.

We would probably eat roast meats and vegetables, something super yum but not overly fancy. For dessert there would be cupcakes and apple pie and custard. Sort of Mad Hatters tea-partyish. We would drink beer and cocktails and wine (not that I drink) and we would be merry and chat into the early hours.

Music wise, I would probably have to invite a band like Mumford and Sons or Flogging Molly, something nice and acoustic. Might try and get a piano out there somehow, so Prof. Cox or Tim Minchin (or whoever wanted) could sing a few songs)

There would also be Polaroid Cameras. Everyone can take photos etc.

This is pretty much what I want for a birthday party for myself or my wedding (except when I get married I want to be married by a Stormtrooper :D)

Who would you invite? What sort of party would you have? Leave a comment or post a blog (but please let me know so I can check it out :D)



  1. THANKYOU FOR INVITING MEEEE omg haha I would probably be speechless the entire time and cry every time someone left :( haha

    1. I thought I might add some more Ladies :D to sort of even out the ratio... what is it... like 3 men per Lady... that sounds about right! :P

  2. Thanks for mentioning me :) Oh my days I want to come to your party! So many fab people - I forgot to 'invite' Brian Cox to mine! Karl Urban, yes please.

    I love the idea of an outdoor party with little lights everywhere for when the sun goes down. x x