08 May 2013

"Woah is me" Movie Weekend

I've watched a couple of new movies over the last couple of days. During my "woah is me" week. I've been sick and feeling down :( so I watched movies! Lots of them. Including 3 I hadn't seen before.


Detachment - Adrien Brody is a substitute teacher at a school that is on the verge of closing down due to low scores and just general bad behaviour. It starts out like a documentary. Teachers telling the "interviewer" how much they hate being teachers. It follows Adrien's story. He's subbing for a month at a school. The students are disruptive, except for one. A larger girl, who loves art and taking photos. She gets bullied and her father doesn't like that she spends all her life with art. But the new sub is different, he respects her. There is also a side story with his grandfather, who I think molested his mother, which led to her suicide and a underage prostitute who he invites into his home and takes care of. Anyway, the movie was pretty harrowing. All ending in the Art girl committing suicide by making lots of cupcakes with smilie faces and one with a sad face (which is laced with poison) and ate it at school while everyone was there! YEAH! Not a light comedy. Definitely not one for the kids! The end was sort of Blah! But Adrien Brody is in it. :)

The Impossible - Based on a true story of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami in Thailand. A family on holiday gets caught up. The mother and one of her sons gets split up from the father and the two sons. The mother is seriously injured and the son has to get her help. It was distressing to say the least. The scene when the wave comes and washes OVER the top of the hotel! It just washed everything away. And the scenes when the people are underwater, being washed away and hit with debris. Horrible.
It was an amazing movie. Based on a true story. 230,000 people died during that tsunami. Whole communities wiped off the map (and never rebuilt). This one has a happy ending, they all find themselves together. But I want to know what happened to the other people they encounter through the film, are they real, did they find their families! I can't imagine anything like that happening to my family! It just makes me so distressed!

Shadow Dancer - After a failed bombing attempted in London in 1993. Colette gets caught by MI5 and  talked into going back to his IRA Irish family and leaking information back to MI5. I got this movie because it has Aiden Gillen and Domhnall Gleeson in it. I was so worried that Gleeson died, but he didn't. The ending sucked. They got into a car and drove away. That's it! Stupid ending. But Domhnall Gleeson is gorgeous and ginger and gorgeous!

You can watch them if you want. You should. Make up your own mind. I'm looking forward to watching more new movies. Hopefully I'll get to see Star Trek Into Darkness this week! :D


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