21 June 2013

My Day via Instagram

New Look Nerdy tee arrived! It's a little tight, but OMG its Adorable! 
I made 12 throwing bean bags for my childcare resource kit
my PAX ticket arrived! Hell yeah!
I bought some insect fabric to make a tote bag out of :D
dinosaur sandwich cutter! YAY!

18 June 2013

Current Obsession - Cooking Shows

The only thing I've watched in the last week has been cooking shows.
I'm obsessed.
I love cooking shows.
I'm going to tell you about some of my favourite!
It's a perfect post to go with my Dream Kitchen post from yesterday!

This post contains spoilers. YES! Cooking shows sometimes have SPOILERS!

The Great British Bake-Off

The Australian version has been advertised on TV since before Easter and it's still not been on.
Mum was wondering when it was on and found out that there's an UK version (as well as a US, Norwegian, French, Italian etc.)
So she "acquired" it.

I watched the whole first season in one sitting
mind you, there was only 6 episodes.
And was so happy with who one.
Edd Kimber was my favourite from the beginning.
I ordered his first cookbook "The Boy Who Bakes" a week ago
and I'm Impatiently waiting for it to show up.

check out his blog and youtube.

Season 2 was good. I didn't find myself enjoying it as much.
I've watched it in the background while I was studying.
So I don't remember much.
But that's good, because I can re-watch it!

Then there's The Great Comic Relief Bake-Off.
4 Special episodes featuring UK Celebrities.
I didn't recognise!
But I did recognise a few, like....
Warwick Davies
and not only that! He won!
He's a really good baker.

There's a third season
but I haven't been able to find it.

Lorraine Pascale

Lorraine is a former supermodel (isn't it obvious) who is now a chef.
I love her show.
She makes easy, quick, yummy food.
I haven't got any of her books yet.
I pretty much just have the TV on when I want to make something of hers.
She makes a Chocolate Oreo Brownie to die for!
Or die of.... I don't remember!

Nigella Lawson

She was my first inspiration to cook and bake for fun (other than my mother)
She's so beautiful and confident
and isn't afraid of butter :)
I love watching her show.
I have one of her books, but find the recipes very long.

Honourable (TV) Mentions

less of a cooking show and more of a mindf&$%
watching Heston make food is amazing!
I would never be able to do anything like that
He truly is a magician!


Youtube really is amazing!
You can pretty much find anything.
Including cooking shows.

My favourite, without question is

Sorted Food
Mike, Ben, Barry & Jamie

4 English Guys (actually everyone I've mentioned today is English!)
Who want to teach people who can't cook to cook!
And if they can do it. Anyone can.

Not only is there yummy food and hot guys,
they're also a laugh!

They have one cookbook out (which I have)
and are about to release a new ebook in parts starting July

Honourable (Youtube) Mentions.

Adorable geek girl makes geeky inspired treats!

Japanese home cooked goodness
yummy food and pretty Bento

Hope you enjoyed this post.

I am going to try and compile a list of links
to my favourite cooks, chefs & bakers.
As well as my favourite cooking blogs.

17 June 2013

Dream Kitchen.

This post is inspired by and dedicated to
my mum, who taught me how to cook
my auntie Jo, who loves interior design (read her blog)
they both inspire and influence my sense of style.

I'm obsessed with baking at the moment.
Thanks to The Great British Bake Off!

I've been thinking about having my own kitchen.
I'm jealous, because my little sister is so close to having her own house.
and her own kitchen..... not that her partner will let her in it!

So here is some inspiration for my DREAM KITCHEN.

First things first!
I need to have 2 things.
Even if I have a crappy kitchen, if I have these 2 items
my dream kitchen is complete.

they are....

A Kitchen Aid Mixer!

I just haven't decided what colour!
I'm thinking the turquoise one!
But I don't have $700 to spend on a mixer!

the second essential dream kitchen item is...

a Smeg fridge!

I don't know what colour!

I know there are cheaper alternatives :)

White rectangular tiles.
I believe they're called "Subway Tiles"
But I may be wrong :D

as well as exposed brick!!!

I ove the mix of modern white and stainless steel with organic brick and wood.

I also want heaps of room for all my cookbooks!

I love the green cabinets in this kitchen. But I would prefer white
and add heaps of colourful accessories!
Plus a HUGE wide Oven!!!!

and plants. Lots of plants.
Herbs growing to cans and recycled containers.

Lots of yummy herbs and succulents!


I would love a huge walk in pantry! With shelves from floor to ceiling
stacked with glass containers holding all the ingredients!

This picture is my favourite. I looks like they have utilised hallway space.
It's an artwork in it's self.
Guest can look at the colours and pick up the jars.

I don't believe in hiding away things.
Especially if they can be displayed beautifully!

Why send time going through cabinets and cupboards looking for
pots and pans and utensils, when you can use them
as a feature.
After all... it's a kitchen, and that's what kitchens are for!

One day.
I will have my dream kitchen.
I don't exactly know what it will look like.
I probably won't get everything I want!

As long as I have a space to bake and cook.


Stay tuned for
Dream Bathroom.
Dream Bedroom.
Dream Garden.
Dream Study.
Dream Living Room.


Animal Crossing New Leaf

I have Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
I fucking hate Tom Nook and all his stupid money obsession!
I need to pay him 10,000 Bells before he'll even start building my house!
AND he wouldn't let me live near the beach!
What a butt!!!

I've got this pretty cool short hair cut!
And there's a goth ginger kitty (see above photo) living in my town!

My assistant Isabelle gave me a fishing rod so I tried my hand at fishing
It took me awhile to figure it out.

The Next Day.
After selling all my fish.
I eventually had enough to pay stupid Tom Nook my 10,000 down payment on my house
Look I have a green roof.

Clyde gave me an awesome NTDO shirt!

I love Frobert.
He calls me "ladybro"

This is me waiting for the train to visit @comicstars.
I sold so much fruit and made heaps of money in her town!

Here I am on my way to the Tropical Island.
It was such a yucky day.

Here I am.
With my new Military Jacket and flowers outside my house :)

10 Day Challenge - One Picture

One Picture.

I was going to post a photo of myself, but I'm not really feeling up to it today.
So here's a random photo!

It's a good quote.
I need to pay more attention to it more often.

So that's the end of the 10 Day Challenge.
I think it took more than 10 Days :)
But it's over now.
I don't know what to write about now.
I really need prompts and questions.

We will see what I find :D

16 June 2013

Of Dragons & Fanart

One of the girls in my class is selling her Bearded Dragons.
She has a breeding pair and a baby!
It's $500 for the baby including enclosure and heat lamp etc.
and $1000 for the pair, with all the stuff.

I really want one.
But I can't because I'm moving in with mum and it's no pets :( even fish etc.
so they will probably say no to a Bearded Dragon! :(
Plus, I need to get a reptile licence to have one.

So being the responsible person that I am.
As much as I want one.
I will not get one at this point in time :(

Tomorrow I will post the last day of the 10 Day Challenge.
I'll also hopefully post my first Animal Crossing post :D
Today I went and visited @comicstars' town and got some Peaches to grow!
I also sold my perfect oranges in her town for $22,500!!!
I'm glad oranges don't cost that much in real life!

This is my new wallpaper on my computer!
Wonderful Sips/Sjin fanart by Nina-Serena
click to see it in glorious beauty!

Hope everyone had a good weekend.
Bring on next week!


15 June 2013

10 Day Challenge - Two Songs

Two Songs

only two songs!
how am I supposed to choose just two!
I've decided to choose 2 of my favourite songs right now!


Underwater by Mika
(Official music video)


Swallowed Up By The Ocean by Billy Talent
(Audio only)

Both these songs are the most played songs on my current playlist.
The playlist is called "Pirate"
The music reminds me of pirates.
It's either folky (like Flogging Molly)
or about the ocean, like these ones.

The 10 Day Challenge is almost over.
What do you want to see on my blog once I've finished?


14 June 2013


New Riddick image featuring Karl Urban!
Less than a month until I see Karl Urban again!
So excited.

10 Day Challenge - Three Films

Three Films

The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug

out December 2013

with all the Lee Pace and Thranduil (who are the same people)
I'm so excited!
But honestly.
Smaug looks a little weird!
Am I the only one that thinks that?


 out August 2013

Sharlto Copley!
I'm so excited for this film.
I love this sort of sci-fi films.


 out September 2013

Karl Urban is going to be in this.
Don't know how much screen time he will get.
I loved the Riddick films.
Very excited from this one!

13 June 2013

10 Day Challenge - Four Books

Four Books

The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy
by Douglas Adams
This will always be my favourite book.
The first one of the (now) five part trilogy.
I could read it everyday for the rest of my life.
I've talked about it on this blog many times.
If you haven't read it.
Read it!

I picked this book up a couple of years ago on a whim.
The cover was interesting and a quick read of the back
"Seriously unfit and unmotivated..." I'm seriously unfit and unmotivated!
 "...Lisa Dempster is an unlikely candidate for a gruelling outdoor adventure...." hmmm.... not a big fan of this "outdoors" stuff! 
"....When her life needs a shake-up...." oohhh That's what I NEED!
 "...she decides the only thing for it is to hike the henro michi, a 1200 kilometre..." say what!!?? how many!?
 "...Buddhist pilgrimage through the mountains of Japan..." ooooh, I like Japan!
 "...Lisa’s journey from overweight dole bludger to intrepid explorer is a witty and fascinating insight into Japan’s famed pilgrimage." okay.... you had me at seriously unfit!
I read it in 2 days!
It's her personal account of the adventure. All the blisters and temples and wonderfully old Japanese pilgrims. It's the first book that made me start thinking about doing Pilgrimages.
I would love to do the Henro Michi one day!

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone
by JK Rowling
I didn't know what to put here.
Do I write Harry Potter series....? but thats 7 books so I would be cheating.
Do I choose my favourite book...? which is The Prisoner of Azkaban
I decided on the book that started it all.
The first one.
The Philosophers Stone
(or The Sorcerers Stones in US)
It started the love.
The passion.
I started reading when they announced they were making a movie.
At that point the 4th book (The Goblet of Fire) had just been released.
Then on, I stood in line at 5am to get the 5th, 6th & 7th book!
I actually got pneumonia after the release of the 6th book :(

Saved By Cakes
by Marian Keyes
and yes, if you're wondering it's the same Marian Keyes that writes all those novels...
Which I haven't read because they're not really my thing.... I assume....
They seem to be very romance/family/friendship related...
give me a good fantasy or sic-fi any day!
It's my favourite cookbook.
Marian suffered really bad depression and anxiety and baking saved her.
It saved me too.
When I'm feeling sad or depressed I bake (if I can)
There are some pretty weird recipes in it, but some really yummy ones too.
One day I will make everything in it.
Even the stuff I don't like.

10 June 2013

10 Day Challenge - Five Foods

Five Foods

love this infograph.

I've made Macarons 3 times.
Only been successful once :(

Cheese Pizza
Now I want Pizza!!!

A couple of years ago if you offered me Avocado I would
of told you to bugger off!
I love it!