17 June 2013

Animal Crossing New Leaf

I have Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
I fucking hate Tom Nook and all his stupid money obsession!
I need to pay him 10,000 Bells before he'll even start building my house!
AND he wouldn't let me live near the beach!
What a butt!!!

I've got this pretty cool short hair cut!
And there's a goth ginger kitty (see above photo) living in my town!

My assistant Isabelle gave me a fishing rod so I tried my hand at fishing
It took me awhile to figure it out.

The Next Day.
After selling all my fish.
I eventually had enough to pay stupid Tom Nook my 10,000 down payment on my house
Look I have a green roof.

Clyde gave me an awesome NTDO shirt!

I love Frobert.
He calls me "ladybro"

This is me waiting for the train to visit @comicstars.
I sold so much fruit and made heaps of money in her town!

Here I am on my way to the Tropical Island.
It was such a yucky day.

Here I am.
With my new Military Jacket and flowers outside my house :)


  1. I love you and I love how funny this was! Care to buy me a 3DS and ACNL? I'll take a second hand one!! hehe

    1. I sold my old 3ds! so you'll have to wait until the next best thing is out and you can have my old one :P

  2. You think I could add you so we could visit each other and hang out and stuff? I could give you some extra stuff too. :P