18 June 2013

Current Obsession - Cooking Shows

The only thing I've watched in the last week has been cooking shows.
I'm obsessed.
I love cooking shows.
I'm going to tell you about some of my favourite!
It's a perfect post to go with my Dream Kitchen post from yesterday!

This post contains spoilers. YES! Cooking shows sometimes have SPOILERS!

The Great British Bake-Off

The Australian version has been advertised on TV since before Easter and it's still not been on.
Mum was wondering when it was on and found out that there's an UK version (as well as a US, Norwegian, French, Italian etc.)
So she "acquired" it.

I watched the whole first season in one sitting
mind you, there was only 6 episodes.
And was so happy with who one.
Edd Kimber was my favourite from the beginning.
I ordered his first cookbook "The Boy Who Bakes" a week ago
and I'm Impatiently waiting for it to show up.

check out his blog and youtube.

Season 2 was good. I didn't find myself enjoying it as much.
I've watched it in the background while I was studying.
So I don't remember much.
But that's good, because I can re-watch it!

Then there's The Great Comic Relief Bake-Off.
4 Special episodes featuring UK Celebrities.
I didn't recognise!
But I did recognise a few, like....
Warwick Davies
and not only that! He won!
He's a really good baker.

There's a third season
but I haven't been able to find it.

Lorraine Pascale

Lorraine is a former supermodel (isn't it obvious) who is now a chef.
I love her show.
She makes easy, quick, yummy food.
I haven't got any of her books yet.
I pretty much just have the TV on when I want to make something of hers.
She makes a Chocolate Oreo Brownie to die for!
Or die of.... I don't remember!

Nigella Lawson

She was my first inspiration to cook and bake for fun (other than my mother)
She's so beautiful and confident
and isn't afraid of butter :)
I love watching her show.
I have one of her books, but find the recipes very long.

Honourable (TV) Mentions

less of a cooking show and more of a mindf&$%
watching Heston make food is amazing!
I would never be able to do anything like that
He truly is a magician!


Youtube really is amazing!
You can pretty much find anything.
Including cooking shows.

My favourite, without question is

Sorted Food
Mike, Ben, Barry & Jamie

4 English Guys (actually everyone I've mentioned today is English!)
Who want to teach people who can't cook to cook!
And if they can do it. Anyone can.

Not only is there yummy food and hot guys,
they're also a laugh!

They have one cookbook out (which I have)
and are about to release a new ebook in parts starting July

Honourable (Youtube) Mentions.

Adorable geek girl makes geeky inspired treats!

Japanese home cooked goodness
yummy food and pretty Bento

Hope you enjoyed this post.

I am going to try and compile a list of links
to my favourite cooks, chefs & bakers.
As well as my favourite cooking blogs.