17 June 2013

Dream Kitchen.

This post is inspired by and dedicated to
my mum, who taught me how to cook
my auntie Jo, who loves interior design (read her blog)
they both inspire and influence my sense of style.

I'm obsessed with baking at the moment.
Thanks to The Great British Bake Off!

I've been thinking about having my own kitchen.
I'm jealous, because my little sister is so close to having her own house.
and her own kitchen..... not that her partner will let her in it!

So here is some inspiration for my DREAM KITCHEN.

First things first!
I need to have 2 things.
Even if I have a crappy kitchen, if I have these 2 items
my dream kitchen is complete.

they are....

A Kitchen Aid Mixer!

I just haven't decided what colour!
I'm thinking the turquoise one!
But I don't have $700 to spend on a mixer!

the second essential dream kitchen item is...

a Smeg fridge!

I don't know what colour!

I know there are cheaper alternatives :)

White rectangular tiles.
I believe they're called "Subway Tiles"
But I may be wrong :D

as well as exposed brick!!!

I ove the mix of modern white and stainless steel with organic brick and wood.

I also want heaps of room for all my cookbooks!

I love the green cabinets in this kitchen. But I would prefer white
and add heaps of colourful accessories!
Plus a HUGE wide Oven!!!!

and plants. Lots of plants.
Herbs growing to cans and recycled containers.

Lots of yummy herbs and succulents!


I would love a huge walk in pantry! With shelves from floor to ceiling
stacked with glass containers holding all the ingredients!

This picture is my favourite. I looks like they have utilised hallway space.
It's an artwork in it's self.
Guest can look at the colours and pick up the jars.

I don't believe in hiding away things.
Especially if they can be displayed beautifully!

Why send time going through cabinets and cupboards looking for
pots and pans and utensils, when you can use them
as a feature.
After all... it's a kitchen, and that's what kitchens are for!

One day.
I will have my dream kitchen.
I don't exactly know what it will look like.
I probably won't get everything I want!

As long as I have a space to bake and cook.


Stay tuned for
Dream Bathroom.
Dream Bedroom.
Dream Garden.
Dream Study.
Dream Living Room.



  1. I love this post SO SO much! I'm really looking forward to the rest of your series. :)

    1. Thanks Leah :D I love interior design! I tried to study it online but had to give it up! PLus I decided I didn't really want to have to design for peoples yuck tastes :D