04 June 2013


May is over.
It's winter.
I love winter.

May was pretty awesome.

or more so
I don't know if you could call it a review.
more of a fangirl geekgasm!

Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2.... ie the new NEIL GAIMAN episode!
Which was amazing!
It had Warrick Davis in it.
and Cybermen!
as well as John Hurt.
But I won't go into that because.... SPOILERS!

Minecraft Server.
I was invited to join TheGrumpyHusky's minecraft server.
I'm the only girl.
There is 4 of us.
I made a tour video.

I'm adorable :D

Game of Thrones.
I haven't watched any of Season 3 yet.
Over the weekend they had the Red Wedding episode.
Everyone is so sad and full of feels.
I knew who was going to die.
It will probably still be sad.

I'm looking forward to June.

and then July.

Other things that happened in May.

I've become motivated to EXERCISE!
I have a personal trainer (I got 3 free sessions when I joined the gym, but I think I'll pay for more)
she's amazing!

I acquired this.
That, dear friends is the 30+ disc Harry Potter Wizarding Collection!
It's freaking amazing! Each film has 3+ discs, there are bonus discs, books, postcards.
I will do a video "unboxing" one day :D

love yous.

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