16 June 2013

Of Dragons & Fanart

One of the girls in my class is selling her Bearded Dragons.
She has a breeding pair and a baby!
It's $500 for the baby including enclosure and heat lamp etc.
and $1000 for the pair, with all the stuff.

I really want one.
But I can't because I'm moving in with mum and it's no pets :( even fish etc.
so they will probably say no to a Bearded Dragon! :(
Plus, I need to get a reptile licence to have one.

So being the responsible person that I am.
As much as I want one.
I will not get one at this point in time :(

Tomorrow I will post the last day of the 10 Day Challenge.
I'll also hopefully post my first Animal Crossing post :D
Today I went and visited @comicstars' town and got some Peaches to grow!
I also sold my perfect oranges in her town for $22,500!!!
I'm glad oranges don't cost that much in real life!

This is my new wallpaper on my computer!
Wonderful Sips/Sjin fanart by Nina-Serena
click to see it in glorious beauty!

Hope everyone had a good weekend.
Bring on next week!


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