09 July 2013

Fantastic Finds & other fancies!

Everyone loves Ironman!
Imagine if your boyfriend (or girlfriend) got down on one knee and presented you with this...
An Arc Reactor engagement! [via Fashionably Geek]

My little sister loves Dinosaurs (along with heaps of other people)
and I found this shirt with incorporates Dinosaurs and FIREFLY!
It's AMAZING! [via ShirtWoot!]

more Dinosaur related finds...
makes me feel sad :( 
poor Dinosaur [via Fashionably Geek]

I've also created a Pinterest board full of free stuff.
Mostly free downloadables etc.
It's awesome! CHECK IT OUT!

So how has everyone been!?
I have a new follower!
HI! *waves frantically*

Just over a week until PAX + epic geek holiday of awesomeness with Alex.

We are spend 4 days in Melbourne for PAX, then flying to Sydney for 6 days.
I'm so excited.
We are going to go to...
Toranga Zoo
Kings Comics 
and hopefully go see Pacific Rim at IMAX! So excited!!

I've started packing up my room.
I'll be moving in with mum soon.
So excited to have my own space
a kitchen I won't have to worry about getting in the way!
And being able to make as much mess and not have to clean it up
until I want too! :P

I'm open to suggestion for what to do in Sydney (places to go etc)
also other awesome things!

Ask me questions :D


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