30 July 2013

Geek Trip of Awesome #1 - PAX Australia Part One

PAX was amazing!
The train was crowded.
We stood in line for about an hour in dizzly rain.

Then we got in!
It was amazing!
Very well organised.
The Expo Hall was full of all sorts of awesome.

The Indie Game Showcase was amazing!
We played so many awesome games.
And collected lots of swag!

I apologise because I didn't take very many photos

Here are some of the photos I took.


Empty XBox One stand!
It said "Come back soon"
I walked past 10 times and everytime it was empty!

Who parked this here???

The League of Legends stage was always packed.
They had people playing
Behind the screens vids
Animator showcases!
It was excellent (never played League of Legends)

New Zelda game is due out. It's one of the older titles redone :)

We only spent 2 of the 3 days there.
We decided not to go on Sunday
Which was good because we spent the day relaxing.

Stay tuned for PAX Australia Part Two: Swag
and the continuing Geek Trip of Awesome

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