14 July 2013

More things I love & rambles

Ice Creams consumed today - 2 3
Battle scars from 2 year old - 2 (scratch on face, bite mark on arm)
number of hours anxious about getting new job - 1,000,000
sleeps until epic PAX/Geek Adventure - 4
time spent thinking about/packing/organising - 30 seconds... JUST NOW
Shit I need to do before said trip - A BAZILLION!
Number of minutes played during last session of Skyrim - 240! what's that!? 4 hours!
Number of half finished blog posts in my drafts - 6 (and probably this one. if it's not July 14th when i post this.... i drafted it!!)

Adventure Time is amazing.
People just don't get it.
You either do or you don't.
But the people that don't just don't understand how the people that do, do :)

I'm currently downloading FEZ.
It's a game I've been waiting to play for AGES!
And it's finally available on PC.


Bob's Burgers
I'm watching it slowly.
Not sure if I like it yet.
I'm 3 episodes in.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
aka Jamie Lannister
He's so handsome, and funny (not as Jamie... well yeah!)
I wish Jamie wasn't madly in love with his sister
and fell in love with Brienne of Tarth... I ship that!

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
It's amazing!
I don't care what anyone says!
I'm getting hours of enjoyment from it.

Anyway! Time to play FEZ!

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