30 August 2013


Listening ... 
Billy Talent. All of there stuff. I recently downloaded their cover of "Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've?) It's AMAZING!

Watching ... 
Hatfilms on Youtube and Jesse Cox and Crendor playing Saints Row IV

Reading ... 
Inferno by Dan Brown... still
The Ocean At The End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman... still

Eating ... 
Vitamin Tablets to stop myself getting sick!

Drinking ... 
Pepsi Max

Wearing ... 
Black Pants. Long sleeve blue top and stripy pink and grey short sleeve top. ie WORK CLOTHES

Feeling ...
Don't know.
Moving tomorrow, depending on the weather!
Last night in this room!

Wanting ...
Nothing at the moment!

Needing ...
Star Trek Into Darkness to be out NOW!

Thinking ...
not much. Full time work really makes you tired, so I pretty much fall asleep instantly!

Enjoying ...
Full time work!

Wondering ...
Stuff. Should I do outfit posts on my blog?
What sort of activities can I do at work.

Loving ...
Full time work.
Finally moving out (but hating all the packing)
Elysium & Pacific Rim Fanfiction
Roast Potatoes
New clothes!

29 August 2013

New Tees!

I'm adding 3 more awesome tees to my already VERY LARGE Geeky Tee Collection!

Yogscast Yogquest tee.

This one is pretty self explanatory
Trust Me, I'm A Jedi tee
from Kmart... only $10

Also from Kmart for $10
Marvel Comics Avengers tee

18 August 2013

Tumblr Picspam

Was suppose to do some cleaning/packing today
but instead
I played Minecraft
cooked cheese and bacon scrolls
annoyed my dads girlfriend with Billy Talent songs
and went through my likes on tumblr

here are a few...

Neil Gaiman being creepy and adorable!
"I can do more damage on my laptop, sitting in my pajamas,
before my first cup of Earl Grey than you can do a year in the field."

I think you can tell a lot about a person by what they post.
Especially on Tumblr
I've had my Tumblr for years!

Also comment with your Tumblr so I can judge you on what you post.
HAHAHA kidding!
I'll probably just reblog like a crazy person!

17 August 2013


 I bought these 2 tops from Autograph today.
It's the first time I've paid full price from something at Autograph

Went and saw Elysium with my mum
I've been waiting for this film for over a year.
Sharlto Copley is one of my favourite actors
In this film he's the BAD GUY
and god is he bad.
and creepy
but so awesome
complete with his native South African accent
and including Afrikaans Lullaby!
 and Barbequing in his underwear!!!
He was just so cool.

The rest of the movie was amazing.
All the rich people live on a giant space station orbiting Earth
and the rest of us are left on Earth in poverty.
It focuses around Max (Matt Damon)
who dreams of living on Elysium
and how he does it.

The special effects are amazing
The story is really good.
I loved it.

Neill Blomkamp is an amazing director.
 Can't wait for more!

11 August 2013


I don't know how I'm feeling.
About my life at the moment.
You've heard it all before.
And there is nothing I can do to speed up the process.
It's out of my hands.

I want to move into mums.
I want to be somewhere where I feel safe and loved.
I'm having to adjust to working full time.
And being in a place that makes me feel like shit
is making the how adjustment a little difficult.

I'm new.
Which means I have to do the dishes and laundry etc.
Which doesn't bother me.
But I'm not doing it "right"
But I was never taught or told how to.

And I've been pulled up on little things.
And explained how to do it.
But then dwell on it, and it makes me anxious.
I shouldn't let it get to me.

I need to ask more questions.
But I'm afraid that they'll think I'm stupid.
Just new job jitters.


In other news.

Currently watching... Orange is the New Black
a tv series based on a book about a women in prison.
It's really good, only one episode in.
It's really confronting.
The US Prison system is scary
I bet the Australian Prison system is just as scary.

Really enjoying the Weekends.
Pay day is this week.
On Saturday I'm going to go see Elysium.
I can't wait.
Excited about Sharlto Copley!

I apoligise for the ranty posts over the last couple of days.
I will try to post something less "woah is me" later :D

08 August 2013

Things I Love Thursday

As most of my readers know
I love Minecraft
and I also love The Yogscast.
They're a group of English Youtubers who I found through their Minecraft videos
But they play lots of different games etc.
This week, in celbration of Geek Week on Youtube
They decided to play Dungeons and Dragons... in character.
And it's fucking hilarous.
It is called YOGSQUEST

There are 3 episodes up (as of this post)
They also added Shirts to their Merch store.
So I ordered one. 
It's my first Yogscast shirt.
And it's awesome.
Here's the design

ASOS New Look Inspire Comic Print Dress.
It arrived.
The fabric is nice and bright and a good thickness.
But even being a size 26, it's still a little tight.
It clings to my rolls :)
but if I have a flowy top over it, it would hide that I think.
Pictures to come... I promise :D

I watched it last night.
I was worried because it's pretty much just Tom Cruise for the whole film.
The twist in the middle got me!
Didn't see that one coming.
The special effects were amazing!

Plus Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was in it!

04 August 2013


Rant - Doing Laundry & Ignoring Text Messages

rant ahead.

I start my new job tomorrow.
I'm freaking out a little.

It doesn't help that I'm having issues with HER again.
She started vacuuming at 8am this morning!
Then I got a call from an Education Survey dude!
So I told him I wasn't interested and he was quite rude.
I asked his name.
Then when I hung up I sent an email to the Education Survey place!

SHE is being a little hard to handle.
She asked me to do my washing.
While I was still in bed.
I told her I would do it in a second.
(After I got up and dressed)
Then I went to do my washing
and her washing was still sitting in the machine.
So instead of being like her (i.e. going to the washings owner and asking them to remove it)
I got a basket, took her washing out, put my washing in, then went and put her washing in the dryer.
Where if it had been my washing she would of come to me and asked me to move it... and if I didn't, she would of waited and not done her washing... or asked Dad to tell me to move my washing.

Then she asked if I was home for dinner.
I said yes.
And she got all passive aggressive
"oh... I was going to do silverside but you don't like it, SO I'll HAVE to do something else"

So guess where I am.
At mums.
And when Dad texts me
(because she told him to)
I'm not going to reply.

I feel stressed.
I guess it's because of my new job.
And moving into Mums soon.

I just want it to be done!
I want to be comfortable in my job
NO new job jitters
and I want to be moved into Mums.

It will come!

rant over!

01 August 2013

Things I Love Thursday

I'm back from my trip to Melbourne & Sydney
My sister Alex and I went.
We went to PAX Australia in Melbourne
Then went to Sydney to do touristy things.

While in Sydney
We went and saw Pacific Rim at IMAX...
and not just any IMAX...
It was FUCKING Amazing!

Anyway Pacific Rim was amazing!
Guillermo Del Toro has really outdone himself!
I'm not going to review it...
just tell you...

I will say the worst part was...
The Australian accents of the non Australians playing Australian
(I don't know why they didn't just hire Australians)
But after awhile you forget about it.

Well 2 things actually
where these two...
they are Hermann Gottlieb & Newt Geiszler
and they are the funniest and best part of the movie!
and yes... I SHIP THEM!
They need their own spin off show
or this...

Watch the TRAILER

You may have also noticed that I'm changed my background to my blog.
you like?

I watched The Host last night
I went into it with very low expectations (cos of the whole Stephanie Meyers/Twilight thing)
but I was pleasantly surprised!
It was good!!

 plus I could perve on Jake Abel (right)

It also led me to a new band!
Imagine Dragons.
Their song Radioactive is used in the credits.

I've actually heard heaps of the songs in the past.
In Glee, and on movie trailers etc.
I downloaded their album
Night Visions

I also ordered some clothes from ASOS!
I really shouldn't be allowed on that site!
That's right!
I ordered a comic book print dress!
So freaking excited!
Hopefully it will fit!
$35 with free shipping
I'm not going to complain!
order yours HERE!

That's it for this Thursday.
Next Monday I start my new job in Childcare
So I will have less time to blog etc
So I need to come up with a blogging timetable or something.

We will see!