17 August 2013


 I bought these 2 tops from Autograph today.
It's the first time I've paid full price from something at Autograph

Went and saw Elysium with my mum
I've been waiting for this film for over a year.
Sharlto Copley is one of my favourite actors
In this film he's the BAD GUY
and god is he bad.
and creepy
but so awesome
complete with his native South African accent
and including Afrikaans Lullaby!
 and Barbequing in his underwear!!!
He was just so cool.

The rest of the movie was amazing.
All the rich people live on a giant space station orbiting Earth
and the rest of us are left on Earth in poverty.
It focuses around Max (Matt Damon)
who dreams of living on Elysium
and how he does it.

The special effects are amazing
The story is really good.
I loved it.

Neill Blomkamp is an amazing director.
 Can't wait for more!