04 August 2013

Rant - Doing Laundry & Ignoring Text Messages

rant ahead.

I start my new job tomorrow.
I'm freaking out a little.

It doesn't help that I'm having issues with HER again.
She started vacuuming at 8am this morning!
Then I got a call from an Education Survey dude!
So I told him I wasn't interested and he was quite rude.
I asked his name.
Then when I hung up I sent an email to the Education Survey place!

SHE is being a little hard to handle.
She asked me to do my washing.
While I was still in bed.
I told her I would do it in a second.
(After I got up and dressed)
Then I went to do my washing
and her washing was still sitting in the machine.
So instead of being like her (i.e. going to the washings owner and asking them to remove it)
I got a basket, took her washing out, put my washing in, then went and put her washing in the dryer.
Where if it had been my washing she would of come to me and asked me to move it... and if I didn't, she would of waited and not done her washing... or asked Dad to tell me to move my washing.

Then she asked if I was home for dinner.
I said yes.
And she got all passive aggressive
"oh... I was going to do silverside but you don't like it, SO I'll HAVE to do something else"

So guess where I am.
At mums.
And when Dad texts me
(because she told him to)
I'm not going to reply.

I feel stressed.
I guess it's because of my new job.
And moving into Mums soon.

I just want it to be done!
I want to be comfortable in my job
NO new job jitters
and I want to be moved into Mums.

It will come!

rant over!

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  1. I love you! Unrelated side note: The wind is currently going wwooooo-oooooo-ooooooo outside my window and it's making me giggle.