11 August 2013


I don't know how I'm feeling.
About my life at the moment.
You've heard it all before.
And there is nothing I can do to speed up the process.
It's out of my hands.

I want to move into mums.
I want to be somewhere where I feel safe and loved.
I'm having to adjust to working full time.
And being in a place that makes me feel like shit
is making the how adjustment a little difficult.

I'm new.
Which means I have to do the dishes and laundry etc.
Which doesn't bother me.
But I'm not doing it "right"
But I was never taught or told how to.

And I've been pulled up on little things.
And explained how to do it.
But then dwell on it, and it makes me anxious.
I shouldn't let it get to me.

I need to ask more questions.
But I'm afraid that they'll think I'm stupid.
Just new job jitters.


In other news.

Currently watching... Orange is the New Black
a tv series based on a book about a women in prison.
It's really good, only one episode in.
It's really confronting.
The US Prison system is scary
I bet the Australian Prison system is just as scary.

Really enjoying the Weekends.
Pay day is this week.
On Saturday I'm going to go see Elysium.
I can't wait.
Excited about Sharlto Copley!

I apoligise for the ranty posts over the last couple of days.
I will try to post something less "woah is me" later :D

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