01 August 2013

Things I Love Thursday

I'm back from my trip to Melbourne & Sydney
My sister Alex and I went.
We went to PAX Australia in Melbourne
Then went to Sydney to do touristy things.

While in Sydney
We went and saw Pacific Rim at IMAX...
and not just any IMAX...
It was FUCKING Amazing!

Anyway Pacific Rim was amazing!
Guillermo Del Toro has really outdone himself!
I'm not going to review it...
just tell you...

I will say the worst part was...
The Australian accents of the non Australians playing Australian
(I don't know why they didn't just hire Australians)
But after awhile you forget about it.

Well 2 things actually
where these two...
they are Hermann Gottlieb & Newt Geiszler
and they are the funniest and best part of the movie!
and yes... I SHIP THEM!
They need their own spin off show
or this...

Watch the TRAILER

You may have also noticed that I'm changed my background to my blog.
you like?

I watched The Host last night
I went into it with very low expectations (cos of the whole Stephanie Meyers/Twilight thing)
but I was pleasantly surprised!
It was good!!

 plus I could perve on Jake Abel (right)

It also led me to a new band!
Imagine Dragons.
Their song Radioactive is used in the credits.

I've actually heard heaps of the songs in the past.
In Glee, and on movie trailers etc.
I downloaded their album
Night Visions

I also ordered some clothes from ASOS!
I really shouldn't be allowed on that site!
That's right!
I ordered a comic book print dress!
So freaking excited!
Hopefully it will fit!
$35 with free shipping
I'm not going to complain!
order yours HERE!

That's it for this Thursday.
Next Monday I start my new job in Childcare
So I will have less time to blog etc
So I need to come up with a blogging timetable or something.

We will see!


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