07 September 2013

Religious Nuts = :(

A crazy religious nut left a flyer on my car today.
Out of all the cars in the car park, my car was the only one that got one.
Because of my heartagram stickers.
Heartagrams that are completely unrelated to religion, (it's a symbol of a band called HIM) but happen to resemble pentagrams.
And even if I was a Pagan or a Wiccan (I'm sorry I'm not sure which one (if any) use it) it's not reason to leave religious propaganda on my car.
It was more funny than anything. It was talking about ID implants (like in the future) and how anyone who gets one is going to HELL.
It does freak me out a little, these sorts of people scare me.
I'm a Roman Catholic.
But I believe in Evolution and the Big Bang Theory.
Extremists scares me. Religious and Atheist and others.
You can be religious or an atheist or whatever.
It doesn't bother me. Just don't try and force your opinions on me.

Anyway changing the subject.
Something to make me feel better.


He's a youtuber.
He does game commentary. 
He also has the most subscribers on Youtube.
Just under 13,000,000 subscribers.
And strangely enough, I'm not one.
Especially when he plays scary games.
He's the biggest scaredy cat
and screams like a girl.

He's also....

Other things that make me feel happy:

finally being able to buy awesome clothes
(but not having enough time/social events to wear them)
Hatfilms... especially this, this, and this.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.
We have a rent inspection on Monday so I will have to spend all tomorrow cleaning.
Have a great Sunday.
Don't let our new Prime Minster get you down.