15 September 2013

What I'm Loving Now - Godus

Godus is a video game available now on Steam. It's the Pre-Release Beta and it's $AU19.99
I thought of waiting a little while to buy it, but after watching various youtube video play throughs I decided to spend the $20.
It was money well spent. I bought it at 1pm and have played 5 hours worth so far.
It's a beautiful, addictive game.
The idea is, that you're God and you need to help your followers advance and make sure they believe in you.

As your civilisation grows, so does the amount of land you have, you just keep expanding and expanding. (I'm not sure if it's infinite or not)
The game is about 40% finished, and there is already so much you can do! I can't wait for the updates.

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