31 October 2013

Things I Love Thursday

The Stanley Parable

An Indie game where you are Stanley.
You're at work and realise that there is no-one there.

You go to figure out where everyone is.
There is a Narrator who directs you, or you can disobey him.
You can choose which way you want.

It's weird.
It's hard to explain without Spoilers.
It's available on Steam for $US14.99


Cards Against Humanity

I ordered a set of Cards Against Humanity.
I don't know if I mentioned it before
but they don't ship to Australia, but in the FAQ it says if you ask nicely
they might be able to help.
So I sent off my nice email
and I got a reply 15minutes later
sending me to a link to a super secret international store :)
(shhh... don't tell anyone!)

They arrived during the week.
They're amazing and hilarious.
I really want to go through them all
but I want to be surprised when I play it
but I need more friends :)


Bubblegum Cupcake.

I had my first Bubblegum Cupcake at work this week.
They were brought it by a parent.
They were super yummy.
Vanilla Cupcake with Bubblegum flavoured Icing!

So Good!!


What are the things you love this Thursday?

27 October 2013

Happy Snaps Sunday

New hopefully regular blog post.
Happy Snaps Sunday or
"Can't be bothered writing much so here are my Instagram photos of the week"
Lots of Art was had.
Watercolours were found.
Fanart was painted.
All was right in the world again!


Found a "Time Capsule" I made in 2003.
10 years! I had letters I wrote to friends
Photos from that year and before
And I really lame letter to myself about how I hate my friends!


There is a Boost Juice in my town now!!!!
ALL the Watermelon Crushes for me!!!!

New Quilt cover is now on bed.
Can't wait to sleep under the tiny flowers and HUGE Dots!


16 October 2013

Secrets Revealed!

I'm going to tell you a secret.
Something that I keep quiet.
It's about a singer I listen to...
... all the time.
But only when I have headphones
or alone in my car!
because I don't want anyone to judge me

Well this singer
He has a new album out soon
And I'm very very excited!

Click below to reveal my secret!

15 October 2013

The 5,000 Question Survey - Q1-20

5,000 questions.
This will take awhile.
It's going to be a Tuesday thing.
20 Questions at a time.
I should be done....
by the end of the world.


1. Who are you? 

Molly Skywalker aka princessgeek86
twenty-six (almost twenty-seven) year old.
I've been blogging for years.


2. What are the 3 most important things everyone should know about you? 

I love the internet. I use it everyday.
for inspiration. to chat to friends. to watch youtube.

i love movies.
i'm obsessed.



3. When you aren't filling out 5,000 question surveys like this one what are you doing? 

working in childcare.
playing in the sandpit.
cleaning up paint and food.
changing nappies.
wiping snotty noses.
and I love it!


4. List your classes in school from the ones you like the most to the ones you like the least (or if you are out of school, think of the classes you did like and didn't like at the time). 

Year 12 Classes.
fave - Human Biology
Art & Design
Information Technology (boring as shit)
least fave - Senior English (kept getting in trouble
because I would read books "too fast" etc.)


5. What is your biggest goal for this year? 

Just to get to the end of it.
Continue enjoying my job.


6. Where do you want to be in 5 years? 

Living on my own
having children (woah! that's weird)
I came to a revelation a couple of weeks ago
during my "I'm so alone/Forever Alone" phase
I don't need a man to have a baby!
the idea is work until I'm 30ish
then actually consider having a baby!


7. What stage of life are you in right now? 

26yo teenager.
trying to get her life sorted.


8. Are you more child-like or childish? 

a little of both.
that's why I work in childcare


9. What is the last thing you said out loud? 

"I'll help you Pippin"
she's trying to get under my blankets!


10. What song comes closest to how you feel about your life right now? 

Burn by Ellie Goulding


11. Have you ever taken martial arts classes? 



12. Does your life tend to get better or worse or does it just stay the same? 

it's up and down.


13. Does time really heal all wounds? 

yeah I think so.


14. How do you handle a rainy day? 

stay inside.
watch the rain.
depending on the temperature
go outside for a walk


15. Which is worse...losing your luggage or having to sort out tangled holiday lights? 

losing luggage


16. How is your relationship with your parents? 

very good.
live with mum.
lived with dad but moved out
because of his girlfriend.

Will you miss them when they are gone? 



17. Do you tend to be aware of what is going on around you? 

depends on my mood.
usually I am
but if I'm in a bad mood or tired
I'm not


18. What is the truest thing that you know? 

they are very honest.
they say what's on their mind.
I'm never offended by what they say.
I get asked why I'm fat all the time.
I say.
I like cake!


19. What did you want to be when you grew up? 

an Astronomer


20. Have you ever been given a second chance? 

never been in the situation.
I've given second chances
that then went just as bad as the first time.
so thats not happening anytime soon.


stay tuned for part 2 next Tuesday!

14 October 2013

Cards Against Humanity


so, you can't buy Cards Against Humanity outside of USA.
but you can download them for free
and then print them out yourself!

I would love to have the actual packs.
Maybe I can email them and ask nicely.
update: [nice emails work :D just ordered a set]

I want them all!


I also want We Didn't Playtest This... card games.
Alex played a couple of rounds while in line at PAX.
I didn't know what it was called.
But I found it!


check out my bestest friend, Emmys' new blog
It's going to be awesome!
She needs all the love!


13 October 2013


I have to wait 3 weeks for my planner.
I shouldn't complain.
because it's a 2014 planner, so I can't really use it until next year.

I just want to marvel in its beauty.


today was my Nanas' 76th Birthday
we went to the beach and had fish and chips
and I made a cake.

I played with my cousins.


I then came home and there was a lizard on the stone wall
outside my bedroom window.
he was very long.


I've reworked my blog layout.
Do you like.
Going for the wide (for bigger photos)
and white and clean.

Need to do a nice header.


It's been awhile since I did an epic pretty picspam.
All the photos are from WeHeartIt.

12 October 2013

Happy Days


I found a new blog. Picking Daisies Blog. Its amazing.
Did I mention it written by a 13 year old!
+ she has a really awesome Pinterest.

I started a Gratitude Journal on Tumblr.
It's called...
I'm going to write 3 things I'm grateful for, everyday.


Finally moved out of my dads house.
All my boxes are out.
But now they're piled up in the garage.
There are so many!

Found a new photo app.
It's called After Light.
It's 99c in the Australian iTunes store.
You can purchase other elements in-app.


11 October 2013

Planners, Planners and More...

 Isn't it pretty. But it's week to a view!
I would prefer daily!
Moleskine Pocket Daily Planner in Green
Do I want it Pocket Sized???
Do I want it Large??

Love this leather 6 ring binder.
It's so pretty.
I found heaps of pretty templates and paper I can get.
But it's expensive!

I'm having such a hard time finding a planner that I like.
I'm really liking the idea of a Filofax style diary
because then I can add pages as I need them.

Okay so I've been working on this post for the last couple of weeks.
I decided on a Large Star Wars Daily Moleskine Planner.
It has Yoda on the front!

I changed my mind.
Cancelled my Star Wars Moleskine
I discovered http://www.personal-planner.com.au/AU/
where you design your own!
Even getting to choose the types of pages you have!
Will show off when it shows up.
I ordered and A5 one
It costs $45 including postage!