16 October 2013

Secrets Revealed!

I'm going to tell you a secret.
Something that I keep quiet.
It's about a singer I listen to...
... all the time.
But only when I have headphones
or alone in my car!
because I don't want anyone to judge me

Well this singer
He has a new album out soon
And I'm very very excited!

Click below to reveal my secret!

James Blunt

Woah. That feels good.
Finally admitting it.
It's not a bad thing.

Hi Everybody
My name is Molly
and I'm a closeted James Blunt fan.

It's not like I like Nickelback
*quickly resets high Nickelback play count*

It's his voice more than anything.
I love unique sounding voices.
His first album
Back To Bedlam
I think I was the only person in the world
who could listen to 
You're Beautiful
a million times and not get annoyed by it.

Moon Landing is out October 19th
This Saturday!
Two Songs from the album are on youtube
[which has a very Wanderlust inducing music video]
[which I've only just started listening too
hits very close to home]

I want to know your secret Musical Guilty Pleasure now!
The ones you're embarrassed to tell you partners or friends

I promise I won't tell!!!

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