31 October 2013

Things I Love Thursday

The Stanley Parable

An Indie game where you are Stanley.
You're at work and realise that there is no-one there.

You go to figure out where everyone is.
There is a Narrator who directs you, or you can disobey him.
You can choose which way you want.

It's weird.
It's hard to explain without Spoilers.
It's available on Steam for $US14.99


Cards Against Humanity

I ordered a set of Cards Against Humanity.
I don't know if I mentioned it before
but they don't ship to Australia, but in the FAQ it says if you ask nicely
they might be able to help.
So I sent off my nice email
and I got a reply 15minutes later
sending me to a link to a super secret international store :)
(shhh... don't tell anyone!)

They arrived during the week.
They're amazing and hilarious.
I really want to go through them all
but I want to be surprised when I play it
but I need more friends :)


Bubblegum Cupcake.

I had my first Bubblegum Cupcake at work this week.
They were brought it by a parent.
They were super yummy.
Vanilla Cupcake with Bubblegum flavoured Icing!

So Good!!


What are the things you love this Thursday?

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