17 November 2013

Awesomest Birthday Surprise EVER!

What a weekend!
I was sick on Friday and sent home from work
I got home and my little sister told me that I had ruined her surprise for me
because I had to be at work.
She told me that she would text me
and then I had to leave the house.

So at 4.30pm I got a text
So I left the house.
I went for a drive.
I got a text saying I could go home.

I made it home
opened the door and there was a huge box.
Well long story short.
My best friend Emma was in the box
She had travelled down from Perth for the weekend
to celebrate my birthday
My sisters and my mum had organised it
They had been organising it for 2 weeks with Emma.

It was surprised
but because I was sick
I didn't really act it!
The weekend was AMAZING!
It would of been epic if I wasn't sick
Plus Emma had her wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday
so she wasn't 100% herself either!

On Friday we just went for a drive and saw my dad and Cous Cous
we had Fish & Chips and played Cards Against Humanity.

On Saturday we went shopping.
Did some tourist stuff
Took Emma to Penis Rock (yep you heard me right)
Here's the proof!

We went to the Amity
(which is a Ship that brought people to Albany)
and did some other random sight seeing

Made a cake.
AN AWESOME Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse Cake!
And made Stir Fry for dinner
We then played Cards Against Humanitys again!

Today we went to the Boatshed Markets
(which I didn't even know existed!)
We had some food
I bought some succulents to make a terrarium.

We then went to Whale World
saw some animals
I bought myself an Erstwilder Ship Brooch!

Isn't it awesome!?

we then went to The Gap
which is a gap in the rocks where the ocean rushes in. LOL
We left because some tourists were being stupid and not following the safety warnings

Then came home and Emma left. :(

What an amazing weekend
What an amazing start to my birthday week!
I don't think it can get any better.
But we will see!

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  1. Such surprise. Much fun! I really need to get myself one of those brooches though - it was absolutely gorgeous! If you weren't so quick to grab it I would have too hehe :D We did have an awesome weekend!! Bring on my birthday weekend next year when you'll be up here!! hehe :D <3 YOUR FAIS!!