24 November 2013

Birthday Week Wrap Up

Hey everyone.
How have you been?
Sorry I haven't posted in awhile
It's been a busy week.

It was my birthday on the 20th November.
I had this huge birthday present haul post,
but I haven't received the biggest (and best) present yet
because the stupid shop hasn't ordered it yet.
I know what it is.
But I'm going to keep it as a relative surprise to everyone.
I'm so excited!

I didn't do anything special on my birthday.
I was at work.
I did however, have 30+ under 5s sing Happy Birthday to me.
It was adorable.
I also got so many birthday drawings!

We went to a local restaurant on Friday night.
I have Chicken Pesto Sizzleplate! So Yum!

But other than that (and the weekend before)
It was a good birthday week.

Stay tuned for the Birthday Present Haul post
Coming soon.


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