03 November 2013

birthday wishlist.

birthday wishlist.

birthday wishlist. by princessgeek86

People keep asking me what I want for my birthday.
I've always been the sort of person, that if I want something, I'll just buy it myself.

Things I Want 
(that are pretty obtainable)

my signed Dredd poster framed. (Poster is at my Dads' still)
The Hobbit Extended Edition Limited Edition 3D Blu-ray (with statue) (already pre-ordered from local Blockbuster store)
Pacific Rim on 3D Blu-ray
Geeky tees (Game Of Thrones, Harry Potter, Minecraft, Loki... etc)
Stickers... all sorts :D
Loki Helmet necklace. various designs on etsy
Cook Books... Baking ones in particular
"Snape Snape" tee
Grumpy Cat anything. iPhone cover or plush :D
"You Know Nothing Jon Snow" Sweater or Tee (doesn't matter)

Things I Want 
(that are probably impossible at the moment)
Russian Blue (kitten) with green eyes, so I can call him Loki
My room/house to be clean all the time with me not needing to do anything
to find my Pacific Rim book! I saw it at my old house. But can't find it anywhere :(
for all my work related worries to be gone!

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