11 November 2013


I love using Instagram (you can follow me, I'm princessgeek86)
But I've always wanted to print the photos I take.
You either have to print them in the normal 4x6 format then cut them
or, a local camera store will now print them... for $1.50 each!!

I found a website called Printstagram

You can print your 4x4in photos... 24 for $12 (plus $12 postage to Aus... but thats still only $1 each)
plus you can do mini prints... 48 for $15
4x4in photos & mini squares - photo from http://printstagr.am

or even make posters, mini books and....
mini sticker book - photo from http://printstagr.am

sticker books! 252 mini stickers for $10!
I don't even have that many photos.
I was going to order the mini stickers, but decided to take some more photos first

So I ordered the 4x4in photos. Just to give it a try!
I'm not sure how long postage will be, but I'm not too fussed.

They also have a really awesome easy interface for you to choose your photos.
You can print more than one of the same photos, or all different.

Awesome Printsagram Ideas:
Take photos of food for your recipe book
Photo of friends for place settings
Awesome Wedding Invites
Fun, Personal Gifts
Vanilla Craft has some awesome ideas.... here and here

So if you want to give it a try, head to http://printstagr.am

As soon as my order arrives, I'll do a review.

Now to take more photos so I can order a sticker book!

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