29 November 2013

When I'm Feeling Down

When I'm feeling depressed, anxious, sad or angry these are a few things that I do to help me feel better.

I watch Youtube videos of play-throughs of my favourite games.
My favourites are The Yogscast.
They are hilarious and just listening to them joke around while trying to get to the moon in Minecraft is an instant mood lifter.

Listen to music.
It depends on how I'm feeling, as to what music I will listen to.
I have a few playlists on my computer that correspond to what I'm feeling.

I have ANGRY, which is full of fast angry sounding rock songs and songs with titles like "Fuck You" (Lily Allen), "I Don't Care" (Apocalyptica feat. Adam Gontier) and "I Hate Everything About You" (Three Days Grace) etc.

I have SAD, which is full of sad, ballads. That even though they're sad songs, make me feel better! Songs like, "Your Guardian Angel" (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus), "Come Away to The Water" (Maroon 5) and "Fix You" (Coldplay) etc.

When I'm feeling anxious, I usually turn to 8track.com.
I usually go for the mixes that feature instrumental songs from Soundtracks, epic scores from Lord of The Rings, Gladiator and Inception etc.
I'm currently listening to Feel Something. (which has 62 tracks in it)

The best thing about listen to 8track while you're anxious, is you can only skip tracks 5 times every hour, so you have to listen to the whole song! You find yourself lost in a world of awesome!

Cupcakes, usually!
I always have ingredients for cupcakes around.
This is sometimes a problem, because usually the reason for my anxieties is the dirty kitchen, so I can't really bake... but either way, baking always makes me feel better.
I like experimenting with different flavours, ingredients and cooking times.
I'm yet to make the perfect cupcake... but one day!

Play video games.
Usually Minecraft or Skyrim.
I love opened ended games where you can just wander around and explore.
Sometimes, I might want to do a quest, but usually I just explore.


What are some things you do when you're feeling down?
leave a comment and let me know.

<3 Molly

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