31 December 2013

Goodbye 2013!

Last day of 2013.
I was going to do a year in review.
Maybe later.

I'm not going to have resolutions this year.
Just try my best to become a better person!

I'm going to try and write one thing I'm grateful for everyday.
I will document it here:
if you're on Tumblr, feel free to follow me!

I'm going to spend the last couple of hours of 2013
watching Bear Grylls, playing Minecraft and listening to music!

How is everyone else going to spend it?


30 December 2013

2014 Bucket List

I sort of failed at 2012s AND 2013s Bucket List. (I seriously suck at bucket lists!!!)

Have a giveaway on my Blogger.
Have guest bloggers.
Do a Video Blog.
Do an OOTD post (at least once a month)
(J. F. M. A. M. J. J. A. S. O. N. D.)

Survive a full year at my job.

Throw a tea party.
Bake something and blog about it.
Complete My Baking Bucket List.
Do a Project Life layout a month!

Go to the beach. 
Get a passport.
Take more photos & post them.
Go out more!

Read 5 books.
Watch 15 new movies. 
Meet new Famous People.

Save $50 a fortnight.

Donate Blood.
Donate $100 to a charity.
Enter lots of competitions (you have to be in it to win it!)
(Wins so far: 1)

Dye my hair.
Get my first tattoo.
Lose 10kgs.

26 December 2013


Sorry I haven't posted in ages.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas!

I did.
I got a few presents :)
It was a good day.

Now I have 2 weeks off!
So I'm hoping to get lots done.

Hopefully I'll get some blogging done.
Stay tuned!

12 December 2013

Songs I'm Loving Right Now

I love music!
I'm always looking for new music
So I thought I would share what I'm loving right now
So maybe you can find something new to listen too!

10 December 2013

Incoming Mail!

This month I shall receive a few things in the mail
and I'm super duper (you can't really believe) excited!

So what will you be getting? I hear you saying!


I've signed up to LootCrate & NerdBlock.
They're both very similar!
They are both subscription boxes full of awesome geekery!

Every month LootCrate has a theme.
This months theme is "Console Wars"
So I'm expecting it to be full of XBone & PS4 related geekery.

NerdBlock doesn't have a theme.
But they always include a geek tee (not that I need anymore in my collection)

Either way! I'm excited to receive 2 special boxes EVERY MONTH! YAY!
I will be doing a review!

I've also spent my hard earned cash buying something thats so beyond awesome (but most people will think a little obscure)
A print of my favourite Yogscast member, Sips, by artist Nina Serena... SIGNED by Sips!
There was only 250. And I have one.
And you don't understand how excited I am.
Sips would of touched this piece of paper!
Wow Wow Wee Wah!
Yeah I know, I'm a little bit of a fangirl!

You see I spend my money wisely!
I pay my bills first!
Then spend some money on myself.
I don't have any kids or partner
So I don't really have to worry :D

Stay Tuned!

Molly xoxo

09 December 2013

Frankie Magazine

New Frankie magazine is out today!
It's very pretty and full of awesome!

It's so full of awesome that it costs $13.95 
but don't worry it's just a one off thing.

This issue you get:
a 2014 Wall Planner
4 super cute cards
4 cut out and fold envelopes
and the usual poster/2 month calendar!
and did I mention that it's THICK!
There are a LOT of pages.

Can't wait to sit down and have a good read!