10 December 2013

Incoming Mail!

This month I shall receive a few things in the mail
and I'm super duper (you can't really believe) excited!

So what will you be getting? I hear you saying!


I've signed up to LootCrate & NerdBlock.
They're both very similar!
They are both subscription boxes full of awesome geekery!

Every month LootCrate has a theme.
This months theme is "Console Wars"
So I'm expecting it to be full of XBone & PS4 related geekery.

NerdBlock doesn't have a theme.
But they always include a geek tee (not that I need anymore in my collection)

Either way! I'm excited to receive 2 special boxes EVERY MONTH! YAY!
I will be doing a review!

I've also spent my hard earned cash buying something thats so beyond awesome (but most people will think a little obscure)
A print of my favourite Yogscast member, Sips, by artist Nina Serena... SIGNED by Sips!
There was only 250. And I have one.
And you don't understand how excited I am.
Sips would of touched this piece of paper!
Wow Wow Wee Wah!
Yeah I know, I'm a little bit of a fangirl!

You see I spend my money wisely!
I pay my bills first!
Then spend some money on myself.
I don't have any kids or partner
So I don't really have to worry :D

Stay Tuned!

Molly xoxo

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