21 January 2014


Listening ...
John Newmans' album Tribute, and old Ben Folds (Five) music

Reading ...
Inferno by Dan Brown
Fangirls by Rainbow Rowell

Watching ...
Most recently watched About Time , and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Both films were amazing and I recommend them!
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty makes me want to run away and explore the world
And About Time makes me wish I could be married to someone as adorably charming and awkward as Domhnall Gleeson (and Bill Nighy)

Eating ...
Well. I'm trying to eat well.
Salads, less chocolate and take aways.
Been doing it for 4 days
Seems to be going okay.

Drinking ...
Pepsi Max and lots of water :D

Wearing ...
Clothes that I don't mind if they get covered in glue, paint, drool and other children bodily fluids
Welcome to the "joys" of working in Childcare.

Feeling ...
It's up and down.
Some days I'm fine, others I'm not.
I'm dealing with it.

Wanting ...
To run away to Iceland.
Broken Age (video game) to be released so I can play it!!

Needing ...
To save money.
Eat better.

Enjoying ...
Reading blogs.
Getting involved in the International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club community.
Listening to music.
Playing with the kids at work.

Wondering ...
How much it would cost to backpack around the world for a year.

Loving ...
New followers.
Getting mail.
My new 3D HD TV :D
My family.

Inspired By...
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
Other geek girls.
James Blunt.

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