31 January 2014

OOTD: Pro "Photoshop Skillz"

Here it is.
Everyone has been waiting for it!
My first OOTD!

Check out my pro "photoshop skillz" to try and cover up the mess that is my house!
I say photoshop, but I used an app on my iPad.
Sorry about the image.
I had to take the photo myself
Next time I will get someone to help :D

Batman Tee - came with the January Nerdblock
Pants - I call them my "Biker Pants" they are tight, but made from quite thick material! "Peggings or Lants!" (from Target)
Boots - paid $5.00 when I worked at Target. They're a little too big, but super comfy!

I did actually wear this out.
I was a little self-conscious at first
But a big girl told me I looked awesome
I told her she looked awesome
and then we went our separate ways
hopefully both with ego boost!

Hope you enjoyed my first OOTD.
I will try to do them more than once a month!

<3 Molly


  1. Love it!! Also love the photo shops :D look forward to seeing more!

  2. I love it!! We should do this together :D once a week :D My gorgeous sister!! :D