26 February 2014

Dresses For Me!

I ordered dresses!
I'm naughty.
But so excited.
Almost time for another OOTD :D
Stay tuned!

15 February 2014

Shopping & Pirates!

I did something I thought I would never do!
I ordered a pair of Crocs
yes. I am one of those anti-Crocs people.
I understand that they may be the most comfortable shoes ever

Well, Crocs now make shoes that don't look like your stereotypical "Crocs"
A mum came in and was wearing them and they're AMAZING!

I don't usually order shoes online.
I'm worried about the sizing
but I can return them if they're too big/too small!

My new backpack is on it's way!
I'm obsessed.
I'm constantly going back to the website to have a look!
I can't wait!
I'm crazy I know.

I'm heading back to Sydney in July.
and I'm also hoping to do some exploring around my area.
I want to travel, but don't want to jump straight into the deep end :D
There are a few awesome places to visit around here.
Wave Rock.
The Caves.
So I might get myself a tent and try some solo camping :D

It other news!!

Toby Stephens as Captain Flint in Black Sails
Mr Rochester as a pirate! *swoon*

I've watched one episode of Black Sails and I love it.
And finally a show that shows what it's really like
not some overly fantasied version!


13 February 2014

Hair Talk

I think, after trying to grow my hair long for the last 2 years, that it's time to give up!
I have always had short hair.
And I want it back!

I came across this...
and I think it's time!
I love this style!
Maria on Lost In A Spotless Mind did a few posts about her pixie cut.

Rachele at The Nearsighted Owl pulled off an AWESOME Pixie cut too!
I would love to have this colour
But because of work I can't.

I was worried about how my Pixie Cut would look with my thick glasses
but I searched and found a couple of images.

I like the colour in this one!

So stay tuned to see if I actually get around to getting my hair cut!


12 February 2014

backpack envy

backpack envy

I have Backpack envy.

(I seriously know the name of it without looking it up)

It's Olive Green and has lots of storage space.
It's an Australian company and made in Australia
It has a LIFETIME Warranty...
but it's $195

I could buy a similar looking bag from China for a fraction of the price
But would it be as well made?
probably not!

Considering purchasing this bag as a Valentines Day gift to myself!
It's been 27 years and I've never received a Valentines gift.
{Forever Alone :D}


I ordered it :D
Can't wait for it to arrive!


02 February 2014

January Recap :)

Happy February everyone!
February, the month of love and shit!
Never been a fan
But I have never received a valentines before
So I probably would love it
If I had someone to share it with!

Time for the January Recap!

If you didn't notice
My selfie taking skills are pretty lacking
So I apologise for that :)

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

did I mention that I WON!

My brain was full of Hatfilms, Harry Potter and Karl Urban

Happy Birthday The Princess & The Geek!

Back to work.
New qualified educator in my room
A few dramas
But have lots of support from other educators.

Started 1 book (Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell)
Continued 1 book (Inferno by Dan Brown)
both unfinished!

Bought Broken Age on steam
Finished Part 1 of Shays' storyline

Received LOTS of mail!!

Inferno by Dan Brown
Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Watch more movies!


Hope everyone had a great January
<3 Molly