22 March 2014

Bedroom Tour [Photo Heavy]

It has been a very long time since I did a bedroom tour! This will be the 3rd (4th bedroom) place I've lived (in my whole 27 years of life) FIRST BEDROOM Tour HERE - SECOND BEDROOM Tour HERE - As you can see, not much has changed. (my bed still has the same blanket and cushion from 2012... LOL)
If you don't know already, I live with my mum and youngest sister in a rental... we had a rent inspection yesterday, hence why my room is clean enough to take photos :)
The view from my door. I think this room is similar size to my old room (but tiny compared to my first room) It's a very similar layout as well. Bed under the window, feet to the door (bad feng shui) and shelves to the right. As you can see I have a very "exciting" view... of a brick wall!
My favourite part (and most used) of my room! My desk. A lot of time is spent here. Blogging, watching Youtube, playing Minecraft and other games. (CAN'T WAIT FOR ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE)
My inspiration wall. Ever growing and changing. At the moment I want to travel! So there seems to be lots of travel related photos etc. Some paintings from the children at work and some quotes!
My Pop! Vinyl collection! Plus lots of other geeky awesome! I only get the Pop! Vinyls of characters I like (or get sent in Lootcrate and Nerdblock) I'm not going to buy all of them! I do have a very long list of ones I want though!
My desk... even after one day it's starting to get messy! I need to sort out these bottom two shelves!
The other window looks out to the driveway. I get sun through this window in the late afternoon! I love it! I miss having sun shining in my room all day, but I haven't felt claustrophobic yet. My curtains are just random pieces of fabric, because the blinds that were there fell down and started to break away (they were very old and sun damaged) I like these curtains because they still let the sunlight (and moonlight) shine in when they're closed.
Messy, unorganised side table. Nothing more to say about it!
One of my favourite items. My Nina Serena Sips print... signed by SIPS! 215 of 250! I love Nina Serena's art style and I LOVE SIPS!!!!
My Wardrobe. It's nice to have a proper wardrobe! I LOVE SCRAVES (as you can see) Also pictures in a Severus Snape print by Stewart McKenney, signed by him :D
And look inside... it's organised! My wardrobe is getting more and more full of floral! The top shelf on the side is all TEEs and there are still some Tees hung up! I have too many!
Le Shoe Collection... which is mostly Converse!!
My shelves. Back in force! Not much has changed! Still the same geekiness that was there before! Now just a tiny little bit more grown up... but not much!

Some detail photos! Click to enlarge!
I love books! Especially large art books from movies, tv shows and games! Some books I've wanted for years and managed to find eventually, some are just found randomly in shops! Some (like The Art of Tim Burton, cost me and EXTRA $70 because they made my luggage from Melbourne to Perth too heavy! But they're still completely worth it!)

Hope you enjoyed my room tour. If there is anything you would like to know, just send me a comment!

<3 Molly

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