22 March 2014

If My Blog Was An Outfit

While searching the internets for new blogs to follow, I came across Nerdjoy! A wonderful blog full of fashion, geek inspired nail art, links & more. (she also loves Sips :D)

One of her newer posts is If My Blog Was An Outfit <-- check it out.
I was inspired and decided to do my own!

The Princess & The Geek.
Sometimes geeky, sometimes a princess.
Sometimes jeans & geeky tee with Converses, sometimes a floral dress with boots.
Always ready for adventure, always ready to capture awesome moment with a camera, always ready to relax and chill out.

There wardrobe is full of geeky tees and floral dresses. Shoe collection is full of military style boots and converses (some new, some very worn and old)

Signature Smell: Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh
Tech <3: Macbook Air, iPhone 5 & Nintendo Gameboy (or DS)
Bad Eyesight: Rayban Wayfarers
Simple Makeup: Black Eyeliner (from past Emo/Goth days)
Harry Potter Fan: Slytherin for LIFE
Keep Warm: Military Jacket (love Olive/Khaki Green) Trapper Hat for those extra cold days!
Scribbles: Moleskine notebook for rants & rambles, fan fiction writing & map drawing!

Always happy to make new friends, explore the world, have fun!

<3 Molly

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