24 March 2014

Steven Universe

I started watching Steven Universe after it being recommended by an #IGGPPC pen pal. I watched the first 2 episodes, didn't think much about it, and continued on with my life... until recently.
I started following a few more blogs and one was posting nail art inspired by the characters. It was so awesome, I decided to have another try.
It's weird... Like Adventure Time weird, but considering it was created by one of the best Adventure Time writers Rebecca Sugar, it's to be expected. It's very hard to explain! There are 3 women, the Crystal Gems who protect the world from evil, they're Garnet, Amethyst & Pearl... and then there's Steven Universe (whose mother was a Crystal Gem named Rose Quartz) The whole idea of the series is Steven trying to figure out how his gem (inherited from his mother and located in his belly button) works, so he can join his friends and help protect the world.
I love the Crystal Gems.
Garnet is the leader, she's very serious, calm and collected. Her gem is in her hands.
Pearl is very passive, smart and dainty. Her gem is on her forehead.
Amethyst is cool, carefree and a comedian. Her gem is over her heart. She's so sassy, and always playing tricks on Steven... She's my favourite.
 I was watching the series a couple nights ago and decided to tweet "Steven Universe is a strange, weird... but awesome tv show!" I hit send, and thought nothing of it, until....
I didn't think much of the favourite until I read who the person was! Michaela Dietz... the voice of Amethyst! I was so excited! I fangirled!
So if you're a fan of Adventure Time, you should take the time to check out Steven Universe. Rebecca Sugar wrote most of the Marceline episodes, so she really knows how to write awesome women... plus Steven himself is sort of adorable!!

<3 Molly


  1. Looks like an awesome show - planning on giving it a whirl later tonight! :D

  2. I love it so much, even more than Adventure Time! I think it's the combination of the music and the magical girl tropes Rebecca Sugar uses, they just blend so beautifully. And now I'm fangirling over the show again, haha!