30 April 2014

Badge Trade Idea

I was bored over the weekend, so I made some badges. I posted them on Instagram and some people showed some interest. I thought about setting up an Etsy store, or some other online store, but have decided that I will just organise a Badge Trade.

The idea is, you send me a badge (either geek related, or about where you live, or anything really) and I send you one that I made. You can choose one I make, or I can send you a random one from a fandom of your choice :D

I am planning on making some badges over the next couple of weeks. I personally don't believe the badges are good enough to sell (my printer is shit, and the badges are never centred :( ) but I'm happy to trade badges with you!

If you're interested, send me an email mollyskywalker1986[at]gmail.com and we'll get our trading on :D

The Fine Print... kinda :)

I will accept button badges, pins or brooches of your choice, whether from a fandom, or maybe from your town/city (I love travel stuff) NO POLITICAL BADGES OR BRAND PROMOTION BADGES!

I will make you a badge from a fandom of your choice (you can even send me a photo and I will try and make a badge of that, or link me to your blog/tumblr and I will figure something out) if you don't specify what you want, I will send a generic one.

Badges will be posted in an envelope at the cheapest postage available to your country (i.e. it could take awhile) and I will probably include a letter or note :)

Hope you're interested! This could be awesome fun!

<3 Molly

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