04 April 2014


Waiting for Elder Scrolls Online to update. So I thought I would do a quick [haha, this was not a quick post] post. Similar to my "Currently..." tag, but more in-depth! Sorry if it's TL;DR!

Making: Some mobile phone charms for the Easter Fair at my mums work in 2 weeks.

Cooking: Hoping to cook some mini cupcakes tomorrow. Woolworths sell Popping Candy in their cake baking aisle and I'm excited about decorating my cakes with popping candy!

Drinking: Pepsi Max. Also today I went to Boost Juice and got a Watermelon Crush... my favourite.

Reading: Inferno by Dan Brown, Deadpool Kills Marvel Universe, Ms. Marvel (2014) issue 2. Waiting for a few books to show up. I ordered The Magicians by Lev Grossman, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline & The Hyperbole and A Half book.

Wanting: A little bit more money, just enough to be able to buy a house. I've been looking at houses around town, and in Perth near Emma, there is a house I really loved thats only 500m from Emma, and across the road from a Daycare centre. In a Perfect world, I would work there, and live in the house across the street, and have game nights with Emma and just be awesome!

Looking: At my computer screen. Waiting for ESO to update (power went off, so I had to start from the beginning again)

Playing: ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE, Don't Starve, Minecraft. Waiting for Child of Light to be released, but until then, it will probably be just Elder Scrolls for awhile :D

Deciding: On what race to play in Elder Scrolls. I usually play Wood Elf or Breton, but I bought the Imperial Edition, so I should play Imperial!

Wishing: The all the issues at work to be resolved. Also to be able to travel the world for free, forever!

Enjoying: Watching AmazingPhil on Youtube. Being inspired to blog again, thanks to heaps of other awesome blogs.

Waiting: For ESO update. Ordered books to arrive. Sydney holiday in July!

Liking: Beautiful cold clear mornings! It's scarf weather!!

Wondering: If my car is big enough to bring IKEA products back from Perth!

Loving: Finding new blogs online and being inspired. If you read my blog, and have a blog yourself, let me know. I'm always excited to find new blogs!

Pondering: Sometimes I ponder really deep things, about the universe and my place in it.. but honestly, today it's pretty much which race I will play in Elder Scrolls Online.

Considering: Whether to go to Sydney in July, or somewhere else. Mum and I have been to Sydney before and we thought we could go somewhere else, but we can't really think of anywhere else.

Watching: lots of Youtube (mainly Minecraft related), the new Cosmos series, and season 3 of Game Of Thrones... in time for Season 4! OMG Much Excite!!!

Hoping: It's not cloudy on April 29th! There's a partial solar eclipse in the afternoon. I'm very excited!

Marvelling: At my little sisters awesome skills. She just made an arm knitted scarf and it's AMAZING! So I bought it off her for $15.

Needing: Something yum to eat. Like a piece of cake or a brownie.

Smelling: Dinner (sweet & sour pork) and Foot Powder... (yeah it's a little gross, but better than stinky feet!)

Wearing: Black jeans and pink tee. The clothes I wore to work. Boring!

Following: Lots of people. On Tumblr and Polyvore and Bloglovin'. If I'm not following you, let me know!

Noticing: How much my knee is aching. I did something to it (but can't remember what) and it's very sore tonight. Maybe because of the cold... I'm not sure.

Knowing: That's a freaky movie. Nicholas Cage!

Thinking: My brain is pretty crazy. Been eating lollipops all day, so sugar rush!

Feeling: Like this was not a "quick post"! But, hey, I'm still waiting for ESO to update... 2 hours later!

Admiring: People with body confidence. I wish I had some... but don't. But in saying that, I'm definitely more comfortable in my body now, then I was a few years ago.

Sorting: The mess on my desk... well it's what I should be sorting... but I'll just let it sit there for awhile.

Buying: Books... mostly on fishpond.com.au. Also hoping to buy some leggings tomorrow. Also spending money on video games. The people at work don't understand it, and mock me... obviously they've never worked with a geek before.

Getting: Bored... waiting for update.

Bookmarking: Mostly recipes and interesting news/sites to use in future blog posts.

Disliking: The tension at work. I wish it was over. Election ads on Youtube and the TV and EVERYWHERE!

Opening: Did an unboxing of The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition, but I forgot to hit record on my camera! DOH!

Giggling: Listening to Yogscast parody songs like Best Friends and Sad For Good!

Snacking: Nothing at the moment. Just drinking Pepsi Max. There is an empty packet of Butternut Snaps on my desk!!!

Coveting: Dresses... I want all the pretty dresses! and leggings! I wish I was small enough to fit into all the Black Milk stuff! GAH! I love it!

Helping: Mum with a sausage sizzle tomorrow

Hearing: About My Sorrows by Negative. A sad song from my emo/goth past. But I seem to love it again! It's a beautiful song!

Wow! What a post! I thought it was going to be quick! HA, I was wrong. 2 hours later and it's done... but the update isn't. Have a great weekend everyone.

<3 Molly


  1. ESO is addictive, isn't it? :) Enjoy your weekend! What race did you decide on?

    1. I'm playing as an Imperial in the Aldmeri Dominion my ESO username is @princessgeek86, feel free to add me if you like!