13 April 2014

Level-Up 13/04-19/04

I have borrowed this format from Steph @ Nerdjoy! I'm already doing a monthly recap, but I thought a weekly post about the goals for the past and coming weeks could help me actually start to achieve some goals! This post could become a fortnightly thing, or possibly be used to re-brand the monthly recap, but we will see. Do you like my banner? I used Polyvore to make it!

This Weeks Goals
Taking a leaf out of Steph's book, I'm going to borrow (again) some of her goals, until I can work out some of my own. Most of my goals are a larger timeframe... 2014 Bucket List, 30 Before 30 etc.

Sleep Better -  I work full time. I start at 8.15am on Monday-Wednesday, 8.45am on Thursday & 8.30am on Friday. I find it very hard to get up at on Mon-Wed, but have no trouble on Thu-Fri (even though it's only 15-30min later start) I need to start getting up at 6.30am. That will give me time to get ready (without rushing), eat breakfast (which I don't usually) and then still relax before work. This means probably keeping bedtimes consistent, not 9pm one night, midnight the next. On weekends my body wakes me up at 8am, no matter what time I go to bed.

Stay on top of the Washing - instead of letting it pile up on the bathroom floor until next Sunday night, when I freak because all my work clothes are dirty! So the idea is, try and do washing twice a week. Sunday (just done) and then on Wednesday evening :)

Finish a Scrapbook Layout - Since I really started scrapbooking, I am yet to finish a full page. I have lots of half finished pages. I'm still waiting on some resources, so hopefully this week, I will be able to finish a layout!

That's all I could think of. Not too many for the first week! Now to see how I manage!

<3 Molly

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