01 April 2014

March Recap


I did a mini re-design of my blog. Added the sidebar back and filled it with awesome information. I also started updating my About Me page [planning on updating the others soon!]

This month was a little light on posts, but that is hopefully going to change in April. The plan is 3 posts a week. One on Mon/Tues, Things I Love Thursday and one on the weekend. Hopefully becoming more as I get some ideas out of my head :)

♥ I discovered the awesomeness that is Steven Universe!

♥ Rent Inspection = Clean Room = Bedroom Tour!!

If The Princess & The Geek was an outfit!

Signed up for A Beautiful Mess' online 52 Weeks of Art Journalling and was inspired (if only for a week or two)

♥ I went searching for a book [The Magicians by Lev Grossman] but failed :(

Blogs & Posts I Loved!

♥ How To Be A Happy Blogger [via Scathingly Brilliant]

♥ Nerd Burger! Awesome Melbourne geek with bright hair, Disney tattoos and awesome collection of 80s & 90s toys!!

♥ NerdJoy! Helped me rediscover Steven Universe, she does awesome nail art, shows off her awesome fashion, and she's an awesome geek girl! FOLLOW HER!!

Music I Love

♥ Fake Your Death by My Chemical Romance - I was so excited when I saw this song show up on my iTunes! It's the only new song on My Chemical Romances new "Best Of" album [May Death Never Stop You], and it's AMAZING! It's more Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge and The Black Parade grown up... and less Danger Days [didn't really like Danger Days much]

♥ A Great Big World - I discovered this band by chance, while surfing the iTunes store. I had no idea that they performed a song with Christina Aguilera [Say Something]. Their album, Is There Anybody Out There? is a mixture of sad songs, songs to inspire and silly pop songs [including my favourite new "Happy" song Everyone Is Gay]

♥ After years... and I mean years, I finally found a song I had been looking forward. An annoying song, that got stuck in my head every time I heard it, but never managed to figure out the name. Dragonstea Din Tei by O-Zone... or the "Numa Numa Song" and... it's GLORIOUS! I have the English version and it's silly and hilarious, but makes me super happy!


Elder Scrolls Online out this FRIDAY! I can't wait to get it, and play it [I have played it when it was in Beta... but to play it for real will be amazing] ♥

Game Of Thrones season 4! More Jamie, more Hound... hopefully a dead Joffery [spoilers] ♥

Child Of Light... another game I'm looking forward to. It's out at the end of April. I've pre-ordered the limited edition which comes with some awesome art book, and items! ♥

<3 Molly

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